The Hardest Hitters in Warmachine

Insane combos & hard hitting attacks. Today we look at some of the hardest hitters in Warmachine.

Top 5 Hardest Hitting combos in Warmachine

#1 Khador

What else comes to mind when you want to kill some models with big axes but the Butcher himself!  However, Butcher isn’t the MVP of damage as you might have thought.  It actually belongs to Sorcha2 because of her nasty Winter’s Chill.  Models affected by her feat take double damage.  EX. If you would take 5 damage you take 10.  Combine that with Behemoth’s Armor Piercing fists and it can be game over for an enemy heavy.  Behemoth rolling an 18 on a damage roll vs a Stormwall comes out to be 40 damage and that is just from 1 attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2 Cygnar

One of the hardest hitting melee casters for the longest time outside of Butcher has been Stryker2.  His armor’s ability to make him into a murder machine at the price of his life is well known and feared.  If Stryker 2 rolls an 18 for his Overload roll he will be Power + Strength = 33.  Throw in positive charge and that is 35!!!!  If he rolls an 18 on damage vs a Conquest he would do 33 damage in one attack!!!!!!

#3 Cryx

Denny1 has been feared since the early days of warmachine.  She can debuff targets to dust with her spell Crippiling Grasp and Parasite.  Throw in her feat and your model’s defensive armor stats become paper bags.  A ARM20 Judicator effected by Parasite, The Whitering, and Dark Shroud is only ARM13.  Throw a POW22 Meat Fueled Kraken at it rolling an 18 would do 27 damage in 1 attack!!!!!!!!!!!

#4 Mercenaries

The Earthbreaker is one of the hardest hitting colossals in Warmachine.  Gorten Grundback also has the best strength spell with “Strength of Granite” which adds +4 to a warjack.  Throw in Lady Aiyana’s Kiss of Lyliss and Ragman’s Deathshroud and you have a rocket of a punch coming at you!  The Earthbreaker with Strenth of Granite is POW 25.  Throw in the 2 spell buff’s it is effectively a POW 29.  Rolling an 18 vs a Conquest you are looking at 27 DAMAGE!!!!!

#5 Cygnar

Cygnar has another hard hitting combo with Siege!  The legendary feat of Siege’s lowers the enemy’s armor by half for 1 damage roll.  Infantry pretty much dies to a stiff wind when this feat is unleashed.  A Hurricane with a firefly can shoot at POW 18.  Shooting at a “Breached” Conquest and rolling 18 for damage he would do 26 damage with just 1 shot!!!!!!!!




~What do you think of these crazy combos?  Please share in the comments below.

  • Nosebleed

    a great and refreshing read!

    • zeno666


  • Mr. Nailbrain

    You forgot about the humble Blighted Nyss Warlord in Legion. With Bethayne’s Disintegration (-2 ARM), Blackfrost Shard (Harm, -2 ARM) and Bethayne’s feat (Warrior models gain Flank for an additional dice of damage, the Warlord, at base PS11 Weaponmaster wiith Decapitation, will oneshot a colossal at ARM19 by rolling max damage.
    By the rest of your examples rolling max damage as the precedent, the Nyss Warlord will be at PS 11 vs ARM (19-2-2=15), dice minus 4. Considering a max damage roll like the other examples, that’s 26 damage which is doubled by Decapitation to 52.

    • Todd

      Truly awesome!!

    • petrow84

      Yup, a Warlord beheading a warcaster, or one-punching a heavy is truly a sight to behold.

      Rhyas has some potential too. Though she lacks Flank, and her decap is tied to crits, her base P+S 13 is as good as Disintegration on the Warlord’s target, not to mention that she can buy and boost further attacks. With spiked rolls, she gets 20 damage, doubled to 40 on crits.

    • zeno666

      You can add +2 Str from the Blightbringers Dragon’s Breath as well 😉

  • Richard Mitchell

    Is a great read, I have been a Khador lover for a long time, its fusion of Tartar dynasties, imperial Russia and the communist industrialization during the USSR period has always been compelling to me. Its directness, like Protectorate, are great for new players and there is enough tactical subtlety is deep enough to keep you in for the long term. That said, as someone who has played for long time, I have come to appreciate the unspoken power of Cygnar, the complex but effective synergies of Ret, and I am relearning Warmachine with Grymkin.

  • Countdiscount

    Nothing for Menoth?

    • Todd

      Either the Judicator or Relevator can get pretty dang strong with Amon’s synergy at full strength…
      +3 to hit and damage for Synergy, then +2 from the choir give you a couple of P+S 26 punches.

  • Todd

    Add Silverline Stormguard to the Hurricane’s shot as well 🙂 Electroconduction will add just a little more spice to that shot, and considering there are two guns on the colossal, that’s some pain!

    • petrow84

      Top it with either N3mo’s feat, or Caine3’s feat on max power + Calamity from his guns – 2 boostable shots with an effective POW25.