Make a Humungus Impact with this Wasteland Interceptor

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We don’t need another hero… we don’t need to know the way home. All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome. And this Interceptor.

Fresh out of Bartertown, built and armored so you can ride straight into Valhalla, bear witness to this majestic piece of perfection. Cut a swath through the wasteland, wander from place to place, even on to Tomorrowmorrow Land, should you need it. With this car, you’ll have everything you need to roam what remains of the world. In between the fire and the storms, maybe you too will find a way home once you get out from the ruins. Out from the wreckage. Roll those credits.

via MaxMini

Wasteland Interceptor€15,00

Look at all the studs covering it, and the armored plating on the windshield–even the wheels are armored. No question about it, this car could compete with your Kitts, your Batmobiles, even your Gadgetmobiles–though I still think Herbie the Lovebug has this one beat).

There you have it folks – all shiny and chrome! Our new armoured car will help you survive on any post apocalyptic wasteland. Heavy armoured with all sort of metal scraps and plates, it’s body may occur crude and rough. But don’t let this fool you – this beast hides a powerful V6 engine that wreaks a true havoc on the road and is a definitive must have for any speed freak out there. Interceptor is also armed with a lethal LMG that will turn any hostile vehicle into a wrecked pile of junk (assuming that the gun operator won’t get shot first). A perfect blend of mobility and firepower. Now that’s what we call a killing machine!

We don’t need another hero. We don’t need to know the way home. All we need is life B