X-Wing: Wave 12 Ship Overview

Star Wars: X-Wing Wave 12 is on the way and it’s looking like the new ships have some more game changers among them!

This past weekend at GenCon 50, Fantasy Flight Games announced the next wave of X-Wing ship. We covered the initial announcement, but lets dig down and take a look at some of these ships and what the heck they can do!

Alpha-Class Star Wing

The Alpha-Class Star Wing is the gunboat Imperial players have been wanting for a while now. It packs a decent punch with 2 attack dice and a decent evade with 2 defense dice. But the real killer here is that it’s got 4 hull and 3 shields. This thing will be able to go toe-to-toe with the heavier hitters and survive – something most of the Imperial TIEs are lacking (it’s generally arc dodger or bust).

Beef isn’t the only thing this ship is packing, looking at it’s action and upgrade bar this ship will bring the hurt. First, it’s rocking the SLAM action so it’s going to be surprisingly fast for a ship this beefy:

Maybe this ship is a better comparison to the K-Wing…hmm. On top of the SLAM action, it’s also got a new one: The Reload Action.

Well now – it’s about time! This makes the Alpha-Class Star Wing the first ship that can actually re-load it’s weapons! Will this replace the Extra Munitions card? Well, it’s certainly an option… Or you could be too close to missiles and have to switch to guns. Which, if that’s the case, you might want to take the title card along with you:

Two cannon slots, eh? That’s interesting considering we recently got cards that used two crew slots or two missile slots. I wonder if we’ll see a new type of cannon upgrade. Regardless, the Star Wing promises to bring some firepower along with enough durability to get it there. And from the point cost that has been teased, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the ability to run a squadron of 4 of these in a 100 point list. I’m also curious to see how Imperial players incorporate it into their existing lists. Could be some exciting possibilities for all you Imperial Aces out there!

M12-L Kimogila Fighter


Scum and Villainy’s newest fighter is going to reward players who can line-up the perfect attack run. This ship is bringing a new type of firing arc to the game:

If you’re in the danger zone – you can’t spend focus to modify your defense dice or evade tokens! That means when this ship has you in their sights you’re going to need natural evade results if you’re going to dodge this one. When you combine that with the Enforcer title things get even meaner:

“After defending, if the attacker is inside your bullseye firing arc, it receives 1 stress token.”

This ship wants to fly right at you and into a “joust” and looking at it’s stat line (3 attack dice, 1 defense, 6 hull, 2 shields) it’s ready to take that initial joust and set you up for payback (note the 4 k-turn). On top of that, we can see it’s action bar also has the new reload action! I’m detecting a theme…

Lastly, it’s upgrade bar looks like it’s going to have a torpedo, missile, salvaged astromech and an illicit upgrade slot (the EPT is probably pilot dependent). I think this one is going to be a pretty mean “heavy fighter” to deal with. Don’t forget – that bullseye firing arc still works when using secondary weapons! I would NOT want to go head-on with this one, especially if the pilot was also fearless:

A four dice primary plus 1 auto hit? And you can’t spend evade tokens or focus to modify your defense? And if you return fire you get a stress? That’s a “Bullseye” for ya…(it’s Bull-SOMETHING).

Phantom II

The Phantom II is an “upgrade” to the Phantom that came with the Ghost Expansion pack. I guess that’s a spoiler for the TV Show Rebels…so if you didn’t know that, sorry?

The Phantom II pack also comes with two new title cards for the Phantom II and the Ghost:

While this ship is docked it allows the Ghost to fire from the special arc (the rear) and perform the coordinate action which basically does this:

Not too shabby! The ship itself looks to be pretty solid. 2 Attack dice, 2 defense with 4 hull and a single shield. It’s not super squishy, but it’s also not designed to go heads-up. Use this one as a surprise or as a flanker ship for sure.

Also we get a look at what Fenn Rau is bringing to the table:

“When an enemy ship inside your firing arc at Range 1-3 becomes the active ship during the Combat phase, if you are not stressed, you may receive 1 stress token. If you do, that ship cannot spend tokens to modify its dice when attacking this round.”

That seems like it could be pretty useful. I’m sure there is a way to combine that ability with the passenger and astromech slot to come-up with some shenanigans…


Keep an eye out for these ships to arrive in Q4 of 2017!

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