Outside the Box – September 1st


Welcome to Outside the Box, this week with news about Knight Models, Modiphius Entertainment’s Fallout, Wild West Exodus, Star Wars Armada, MAntic Games’ Warpath, Perry Miniatures and much more!

A new Joker crew is coming from Knight Models:
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Modiphius Entertainment is now only preparing miniatures for Fallout, but scenery, too:
–> More Modiphius Entertainment News

New Wild West Exodus previews have been published by Warcradle Studios:
–> More Warcradle Studios News

Fantasy Flight Games announced the Chimaera and Profundity expansion packs for Star Wars Armada:
–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

A new Warpath faction and new vehicles have been released by Mantic Games:

–> More Mantic Games News

PlastCraft Games released new Infinity terrain:
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Onslaught Miniatures published a new picture of their 6mm Grudd Iron Lord Armor:
–> More Onslaught Miniatures News

Perry Miniatures released new Napoleonic sets:
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New Japanese WW2 vehicles are available from Warlord Games:
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4Ground announced a new range of Stalingrad-themed terrain:
–> More 4Ground News

Victoria Miniatures presents a new preview:
–> More Victoria Miniatures News

Puppetswar is working on new “midget snipers”:
–> More Puppetswar News

And Rubicon Models presents new previews :
–> More Rubicon Models News

Of course there are new Kickstarter campaigns, too:

Blind Beggar Miniatures – The Second Android Collective
3D-Print-Terrain – Printable Tabletop Terrain from FIW to AWI
Wood Robot – The Ultimate Game Table System
Collapse Industries – “Worlds Over Run” 3D printed table top terrain
Greenbrier Games – Champions of Hara Boardgame
Happy Gorilla Game Studio – Chronicles: The Game
Macrocosm – The Legion Of Steel 28mm Sci-Fi Space Dwarves + Auxiliaries
Mierce Miniatures – Darklands: Savage Hordes IV

If you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily hobby news!

~ Fallout will empty my pockets so badly…
  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    You had me at Thrawn. I don’t play the game but still want that ship. Well played. Well played.

  • Kiskatona

    Man I love the Perry brothers’ work. I’ve been painting up some of the 5th ed Bretonnian Men at arms as Freeguild for AoS Skirmish, and they are still fantastic models. Pity I don’t really have time nor space to get some of their historical stuff.