ToyLand: LEGO Goes Bonkers for The Joker

This new set comes in at 3,444 pieces and includes a roller coaster, disco minifigs, and a lobster dinner.

LEGO has gone all out with this one. The kit measures over 21” high, 25” wide and 10” deep when assembled and has everything a LEGO super villain needs.

It has a living room with a TV, a kitchen with a microwavable lobster, trapdoors, a grand piano, a swimming pool room, a fireplace, a music studio with guitar, a fun room with mirrors… everything a cartoon villain needs and more.



70922 The Joker Manor – $269.99£249.99

The set comes with a lot of awesome stuff… this is just a partial list:

  • Grand entrance flanked by 2 buildable bombs
  • Rollercoaster track and train with 3 cars
  • Rotating ‘big eye’ tower with lever-operated iris to ‘look’ up and down
  • Huge Joker head with trapdoor and slide
  • 10 minifigs including new disco versions of Batman, The Joker, Batgirl, and Robin



Joker’s Manor will be available Available for sale on on November 24.


Is this going on your holiday wishlist?

  • el_tigre

    I think lego likes to take revenge upon the British for the rediculous exchange rates GW uses to determine their overseas pricing.

  • Crevab

    And to think that Lego was sputtering before they tried licensing back at the turn of the millenium