Geekery: Eleven Returns in the Last ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer

Season two is taking us down a rabbit hole that leads to secret scientific organizations and giant monsters.

Holy moly – why isn’t it the 27th yet? I imagine that a lot of people will be staying home and binge watching next weekend – I know I will. It looks like an amazing ride.

This season the show is adding some new characters – a brother-sister duo, Billy played by Dacre Montgomery and Max played by Sadie Sink. Sean Astin – who you can see running away from something in the trailer – also joins the cast as Joyce’s boyfriend, and Paul Riser‘s Dr. Owens takes over the secret lab.


Are you ready to go back to the upside-down?

  • NagaBaboon

    Thanks for putting a spoiler in the title so there’s no way for those of us who avoid trailers to miss it.

    • E Double

      Yes the poster is a MASSIVE BELLEND! I don’t come to BoLs for this kind of content, so did not expect this. Honestly thought I managed to dodge all the trailers and spoilers…..