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Geekery: The Second Last Jedi Trailer has Arrived

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Oct 10 2017

The long wait for another glimpse at Episode VII is over – and it’s got some great moments.

SPOILER WARNING: if you want to walk into the theater without a knowing a lot about the plot you’ll want to skip this and pretty much any promotion after this point.


There’s a lot going on here – from one on one battles to mass space battles, and there are some rather large questions raised. I’m hoping that Rian Johnson and Disney have managed to pull off a movie that can handle those questions, and not shy away from a good story because it’s dark.

Also: porgs are totally the new ewok. They’re never not adorable.

And it came with a new poster that some think has a hidden meaning


Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th – you can buy tickets now.


What do you think about the hints in this trailer? 

Author: Mars Garrett
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