Geekery: The Jaegers are Back in Pacific Rim – Uprising

The giant human piloted robots are ready to punch the tar out of a new breed of kaiju in this action packed trailer.

The first installment got really mixed reviews from critics, but it has gained a cult following in the four years since it was released. It’s a fun, giant robots beat up giant monster movie – there’s really no reason to look deeper at it. Don’t think too hard, just enjoy the simplicity.

The new movie happens 10 years after the first installment. The kaiju threat has gotten worse, and a new crop of pilots are determined to stop them. John Boyega plays Jake Pentecost, the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost in the first movie. The trailer makes it clear that he has stepped into his father’s shoes. Also: Burn Gorman and Charlie Day are back!

The cast includes a some unfamiliar faces, it has a new screenwriter, and first-time feature – his previous work has been in TV – director Steven S. DeKnight is taking over for Del Toro. This could be good.. this could be entirely horrible. I’m not sure I care because the visuals look awesome and it comes across as a fun popcorn flick. We need more of those.

Boyega told EW that: “It’s going to be so cool. This is a fun movie. It’s there to entertain. It’s larger than life. Just go in there looking to have a great time. Get you popcorn nice and warm. Your eyes are going to be peeled. We’ve got a spectacle and Del Toro’s influence is still there. It’s going to be really, really cool.”

I’m up for another rock ’em sock ’em robot and monster movie.


  • TDog

    Joy oh joy… more over-produced footage of actors playing Dance Dance Revolution…

    Or would that be more over-produced footage of actors engaging in synchronized swimming outside of a swimming pool? Either way, I can hardly contain my yawning.

    • EnTyme

      If you can’t find joy in watching giant robots fight giant monsters in what is essentially a live-action anime, I pity you. Your existence must be truly bleak.

    • Txabi Etxebarrieta

      I like it when people piss their conceit over any entertainment media. Especially by abstracting a spectacle so much that it ceases to be a useful analysis or even a worthwhile opening for potential conversation. Cuts down on the time spent trying to wring value out of someone’s post.

      So thanks!

      • TDog

        What conceit? Tell me it wasn’t contrived that they had to have TWO people moving in unison to power these things. Yeah… that’s not a plot point at all! What’s next? “You must think… in RUSSIAN”?

  • Rob brown

    Loved the first film so much – just great fun.

  • Kritarion

    One of the Jaegers is literally an EVA-Suit. I am in Love

  • euansmith

    I’ll have to wait to see if this measures up to the original; that set the bar high on spectacle and low on narrative sense (not”Transformers” level of low, of course). This might be a good laugh, though the footage in the trailer seems to lack the sense of scale from the original. It looks a bit more like “Ultraman” to me.

  • Jared Swenson

    After watching the first one, then watching director’s commentary, I found out that Gillermo del toro is a genius. I adored the original because it was obvious that the whole movie was a passion project that gave us the giant robots movie we both wanted and deserved. (Bay can suck my $*%&). However I am apprehensive about this movie because while Del toro both wrote and directed the last movie, he is only producing this one. Let’s hope this director (who really only has mediocre TV show credits) can pull out and do a good movie.

  • Crevab

    If I’m picking up the plot points right:
    War ends
    Peace for a short time
    Humanity turns Jaegers against each other
    Whoops Cat 6+ Kaiju
    Recanceling the apocalypse

  • Myu

    I can’t wait to see this