Wyrd: The Empire Brings in the Cavalry

These Dragoons are always ready to charge into battle.

Dragoons have a valuable striking power that makes them formidable on the battlefield – not many can withstand their charge. These elite units are made up of low-ranking officers, so they have a higher level of independence. This allows them to strike where they’re needed with little notice.

On the tabletop, Empire Dragoons are an incredibly fast melee unit. This makes them a great addition to any ranged Empire Company, as it allows them to intercept hostile forces before they can engage the Empire’s gunlines. The Dragoons also come equipped with machine guns, ensuring that they will be useful in any situation.

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  • Talos2

    The real problem with Kickstarter is that by the time it actually sees the light of day I’ve stopped caring, and this is exactly my opinion on the ‘other side’ now. Just release the damn game, I’m really bored now of seeing stuff we’ve already seen about 12 months ago

  • lunahula .

    In before ‘Potential Imperial Guard conversions!’ ;D

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Weird, they sculpted the NCO strip on his trousers. That makes them look like garter belts on the unpainted plastic.

    • Richard Mitchell

      You got a problem with non-binaries wearing garter belts sir?