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How to Play Blood Angels in Warhammer 40K

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Jun 12 2023
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Today take a look at some basics of how to play and get started with Warhammer 40k Blood Angels in 10th Edition.

The Blood Angels are a legendary Chapter of the Space Marines in Warhammer 40K. The Blood Angels are paragons of nobility who are afflicted by a terrible curse, causing them to rage and thirst for blood in battle. With some of the finest artificers in the Imperium, the Blood Angels have gorgeous and characterful models to match.

So below we will offer some tips on how to play Blood Angels and get started with the army.

Who Are The Blood Angels?

The Blood Angels were the IX Legion of the original Space Marine Legions under their Primarch Sanguinius. They are particularly well known for their bloodthirsty nature in battle, mixed with an off-battlefield nobility. They are one of the most long-lived Chapters, and have a refined aesthetic sense.

All Blood Angels and their successors may one day suffer the Black Rage. When they succumb to this, typically in the heat of battle, they think they are their Primarch Sanguinius in battle with Horus. In the Black Rage, the sufferer struggles to distinguish friend from foe. He might even attack his own brothers, something with usually doesn’t happen with the Red Thirst. The Black Rage is incurable, and so difficult to manage that those who succumb are relegated to either the Tower of the Lost on the Chapter’s homeworld of Baal or transferred to the black-clad Death Company. In the Death Company, the doomed seek to find a quick honorable death on the field of battle.

Why Play Blood Angels

blood angels vs tyranids

Blood Angels are the connoisseur’s choice of Space Marine. They combine all the tactical flexibility of other Adeptus Astartes with a suite of unique units and scalpel-like savagery. Want to tear your enemies asunder and look good while doing it? Want to be a super special space vampire?


Warhammer 40K Blood Angels may be the way to go for you!

Strengths of the Blood Angel Army

  • Tactical flexibility Space Marines are known for.
  • The best close combat troops of the Adeptus Astartes.
  • Massive roster of units, the largest in the game.

Weakness of the Blood Angel Army

  • Elite army with relatively few bodies.
  • Armies can struggle to find focus.

blood angels scouts

Blood Angels Detachment Rules- Sons of Sanguinius

  • Rules: The Red Thirst rule greatly improves Blood Angel combat effectiveness on the charge.
  • EnhancementsArtisan of War is a particularly nice enhancement, as it shows the true renaissance nature of the Blood Angels, while also giving some great bonuses.
  • StratagemsRed Rampage is great when you really want to channel the rage of Sanguinius on the battlefield, giving a units melee weapons Lethal Hits and Lance!

Also remember you are still an Adeptus Astartes army, so you still get Oath of Moment and the full roster of Space Marine units!

Key Blood Angel Units To Know

blood angels assault

Warhammer 40K Blood Angels have many unique units and knowing which to take can be tricky. Here are some suggestions to get you off on the right track.



Commander Dante

A great HQ Chapter Master who is a real fast moving beatstick. Dante’s Lord Regent of the Imperium Nihilus buffs his squad in melee, while Death Mask of Sanguinius can Battleshock nearby enemies.

Chief Librarian Mephiston

A beastly unique character and powerful psyker, Mephiston is as close as Warhammer 40,000 gets to Dracula. He has an incredible statline, set of weapons, and a great back story.

Sanguinary Priest

A great HQ character who combines the utility of an Apothecary (Feel No Pain!) with some great combat buffing abilities from his Chalice. He let’s his buddies drink from his cup of blood to get extra wacky!


Intercessor Squads

Intercessors represent Space Marine line troops. These troops fill a primary anti-infantry role, but are also great at holding objectives. They are a tough unit to kill and can be armed with a variety of different bolt weapons allowing them to dominate mid range infantry firefights and cut through lighter troops with ease. They are also no slouch in combat, able to launch punishing assaults. Intercessors are good in any army.

Other Units

Death Company Intercessors

Even the newest Primaris recruits succumb to the effects of the Black Rage. These Primaris already have extra attacks, and making them Death Company doubles down on that.

Furioso Dreadnought

One of the most classic of Blood Angel unique units, the Furioso is perfectly suited for close combat, with its two Fists with underslung weapons. It also comes in Death Company flavour. Watch out for this thing’s Wrathful Rampage!


Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought

The Librarian Dreadnought is a rare bird, as a vehicle with psychic powers. All his powers buff himself, making him both faster and tougher.

Assault Squad

Classic players know the Intercessor is nothing but a pastiche of the venerable Assault Squad. In times past, these Squads occupied a place of honor, as Blood Angel’s Battleline. Unfortunately they are relegated to other units in the modern era.

Baal Predator

Blood Angels use this extra fast, short-ranged Predator variant. Both its assault cannons and flame weapons can be effective thanks to its high speed and Overcharged Engines, which allows it to close the gap with the enemy.

Sample Starter Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Army


Chief Librarian Mephiston . 1 Model. He is equipped with: plasma pistol; Vitarus



Assault Intercessor Squad. Ten Models. They are armed with: heavy bolt pistol; Astartes chainsword; frag grenades; krak grenades.

Assault Intercessor Squad. Ten Models. They are armed with: heavy bolt pistol; Astartes chainsword; frag grenades; krak grenades.

Assault Intercessor Squad. Ten Models. They are armed with: heavy bolt pistol; Astartes chainsword; frag grenades; krak grenades.

Other Units

Death Company Intercessors. Ten Models.

Death Company Dreadnought. One Model. It is equipped with: 2 Furioso fists; Heavy Flamer, Storm Bolter


How to Play Blood Angels

Blood Angels are assault-oriented Chapter of Space Marines which thrives in short-ranged firefights, and up close and personal, in combat. This means that an aggressive approach should be favored. Whether you achieve this with quick moving assault troops, capable transport vehicles, or by swarming the board with 80 wounds is up to you. It is imperative for a Blood Angels player to get a good handle and familiarity with their available Stratagems. These can be quite powerful if used correctly.


Author: Allen Campbell
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