GW: New Shadespire FAQ Released

Games Workshop unleashes a Shadespire FAQ to answer your burning questions about the new game!

Shadespire is out now and “The Fast-paced Game of Arena Combat” from Games Workshop has a new FAQ to help everyone get on the same page:

via Warhammer Community

With Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire now on shelves, the first expansions out this weekend and the first ever Grand Clash just round the corner, we thought it would be a great time to release an FAQ for the game, aimed at making sure that your games run as smoothly as possible.

You can Download the FAQ HERE


Overall, it’s pretty straightforward stuff as most of these are just rules clarifications. Here is an example of how to resolve effects that trigger at the same time:

Basically, for abilities that trigger at the same time (or have the same trigger effect) the owning player can choose the order. If there are two players with effects that trigger at the same time, the players roll off. For multiplayer games, you basically do the same thing. The winner goes first, the losers dice off again to see who goes next, etc. Pretty simple.

Another example of what you’ll find in the FAQ is how Charge Actions and Attack Actions work – again, these are just clarifications and make sense with the rest of the game. No major revelation here:


While none of the questions raised and answered in the FAQ are really that earth-shattering, it’s great to see GW take the initiative and really help the community out with this game. It’s obvious they want to engage with the players on this new game and that means they want it to be successful. We had pretty high praise for this game and it’s ruleset. It’s simple and clean – and for many of these very issues you just have to go back and re-read the rules and it should click. The timing errata was needed, but it made sense in the grand scheme of things. Also there aren’t a ton of things that trigger simultaneously but they can happen.

If you haven’t tried it out yet you should. It’s pretty quick to learn and plays quick. It’s a great example of a tactical miniatures combat game with a deck-builder element that works really well. You get to do some light hobby work with the miniatures, you get to do some deck customization with different cards, and you get you play it as casual or competative as you want to. It scratches a lot of itches for me personally and I’m excited to see what else Games Workshop does with this property!


What do you think about the new Shadespire FAQ? Any thing you found interesting?

  • ZeeLobby

    GW’s FAQ game finally on point. Hopefully they’ll be quick to adjust power as well to keep their competitive title for this game.

    • benn grimm

      It’s like they’ve got the Flash working on faqs these days they come out so fast, next thing you know the FAQ will be out before the game…;)

      • ChubToad

        Or included in the box. That would be nice..

        • benn grimm

          Nah, that makes far too much sense…

    • Richard Mitchell

      Me too, I am glad that they are treating this title like a supported product rather than a one off release. Good job GW.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    I was actually surpised by this one, I had no interest since it wasn’t Mordheim. However, Once I was talked into actually trying it out, I was nearly sold. It has some pretty rock solid concepts, is simple, and fast to play and surprisingly fairly competitive.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      looking forward to the skaven

    • Xodis

      Any negatives? Im 99% on board, but I want to have realistic expectations.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        There are a few minor quibbles, Some vagueness, and some xwing gotta buy it all stuff going on, but really as far as games goes it is pretty solid, and buying the other teams for now I suppose isn’t so bad. The other main issue is I think I would be too impatient to wait for more board tiles, at least you can make them touch in any way which makes some weird replay value, but it may get stale quick. I hope tournies may have unique boards and such eventually. It has me seriously thinking of picking it up for the ol` bday.

        • Xodis

          Yeah, Im thinking it would make a good christmas present myself.
          I dont mind the Xwing stuff, as you can always make/get the cards from 3rd parties if it blows up like Xwing did, but I understand where you are coming from with the board tiles. Still seems like a solid investment seeing as I have a Stormcast and Khorne army lol.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yeah, suppose so!

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    Woops. I cheated. I put Brightshield on guard after charging her. Never again!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Wow, that was fast. Good job GW.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Going to play my first game tonight. Can’t wait for Saturday to get my skeletons.

  • Xodis

    Loving the dedication. Just dont forget your other box games that should get support.

    • EnTyme

      We’re getting some new monster cards for WHQ soon. That’s a good start.

      • Xodis

        That is a good start. Really enjoy both WHQ games already.
        Hope they dont forget about Gorechosen either.

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World! Long live Mordheim!

  • kingcharlesii

    We’re getting some new monster cards for WHQ soon. That’s a good start.

  • Richard martineZ

    I don’t understand why they even came out with an FAQ? Is it that people are having trouble reading or cannot comprehend simple stuff. Its obvious that you cannot do anything after a charge. Why complicate things by asking these dumb questions. People need to stop changing the rules to these games then asking stupid questions. The only FAQ i’ve seen been worth was the Blood angels FAQ in 7th addition but other than that everything is literally self explanatory. I feel every one is always trying to exploit the game to their advantage when it isnt necessary. Just my opinion on the matter. This game is too simple to need a “FAQ”. I swear i bet GW hates its Fans.