Unboxing Aristeia’s Arena Action

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Join the BoLS Crew as we take you through Aristeia, Corvus Belli’s new arena/skirmish game.

We have a fairly in-depth Unboxing for you today. Aristeia arrived at the BoLS offices, and we took our time going through the contents. There’s some amazing stuff inside. The rules have depth, the minis are breathtaking (but, I mean this is CB, beautiful minis are their thing), and the game looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun.

If you want to see this game in action, be sure and tune in to our Twitch stream this Tuesday (11/7) at 5:30pm (CT). We’ll be streaming the game live and answering questions with a few very special guests in chat. You won’t want to miss this, so check it out.

Aristeia on BoLS TV

via Wikipedia:

“An aristeia or aristia (/ærˈst.ə/; Ancient Greek: ἀριστεία, IPA: [aristěːaː], “excellence”) is a scene in the dramatic conventions of epic poetry as in the Iliad, where a hero in battle has his finest moments (aristos = “best”). An aristeia can result in the death of the hero at the aristeia’s end.”


Corvus Belli’s latest game set in the Infinity Universe is available for Pre-Order. The ultimate televised arena sport, on the fields of Aristeia, you can prove your prowess through intense, tactical game play and brutal, fast-paced combat.

Aristeia is a team-based hexboard boardgame set in the Human Sphere.  This is an all new fast paced way to enter the Infinity universe. The teaser video shows off a hexboard, and a montage of characters. Hop aboard this two player team boardgame set in the universe of Infinity.

The game board awaits

via Corvus Belli

What is Aristeia!?

Aristeia! is the new board game from Corvus Belli, an Infinity spin-off in which two players become the managers of two competition teams for the greatest show in the Human Sphere. Players will face each other in the arena, and will have to plan their actions carefully to win.

Is this Game Independent from Infinity?

Yes, absolutely independent. Aristeia! is a board game, not a miniature wargame, and has been designed from scratch as a parallel product. The action happens in the Infinity universe and the game shares some characters and introduces new ones to this Science Fiction setting.

Which is the Release Date?

The expected release date is late 2017. The game is available for pre-order on our website starting October 26th, 2017.

A variety of characters

Aresteia Homepage

~Almost here now…hope your CrazyKoalas are ready. 

  • Kritarion

    It also has Not-Tracer, Not-McCree, and Not-Genji/Hanzo. Nice

    • GrenAcid

      Just a reminder. There were space ninjas in Infinity way before Blizz even put rumors of OW in to the web. And Lone Gunmen/Man with no Name character scheme is older than you. So yeah…that high horse wont ride here.

      • Kritarion

        And you can make those characters without them looking like Overwatch Knockoffs

  • quaade

    Except Wild Bill has been mentioned in the Infinity fluff for at least four years and not Genji/Hanzo is a recreation of Miamoto Musashi and have had a mini and fluff for close to seven. As for not Tracer, she’s called Gatta, grew up in one of the worst slum and had to steal to survive untill she stole from the wrong/right target and made a mockery of the pro guards the target had. A rather far cry from a peppt test pilot who got displaced in time.

    What I mean to say is educate yourself before you open your mouth. You’ll end up looking foolish when someone comes along and tell you the real story. Infinity is a lot older than Overwatch.

    • Cergorach

      The problem being with your defense is that you know exactly which characters they are talking about. So while Infinity is older then even the precursor of Overwatch, project Titan, these characters are most certainly not! These are relatively new for not Infinity, but a spinoff game. Sure they are from the same world, but depict a completely different genre, more akin to Blood Bowl then your average sci-fi skirmish game…

      Not that Infinity was ever all that original to begin with, it stole a lot from comic book arts from the time things like Wildstorm and a few French comic books look awfully familiar (look up Nomad). Not to mention a couple of other cyberpunk sources… This is the reason why I was always interested in Infinity.

      But obviously someone at Corvus Belli took some liberal inspiration from things like BB, Dreadball, Mondaynight Combat and Overwatch… (plus some other less known games) That is not a bad thing imho, better well stolen, then being badly ‘original’!

      • GrenAcid

        >better well stolen, then being badly ‘original’!
        Thats whole shtick of 40K and it works well.

      • quaade

        You want the characters to be taken from Overwatch, and you really want to see that, the Umbra Samaritan is Reaper, so nothing I say will ever convince you, in which debating with you is a wasted effort. So goodbye.

        • Cergorach

          I call that weaksauce!

          I don’t want anything, I call them as I see them.

          “Señor Massacre” is just a Deadpool wannabee!

          • Tarrox

            All of the Charakters in the next box are wannabees.

            But not all characters in this box are. I mean there is the Mercy ripoff and the Panda is the Kun-Fu Panda. So first off all it is not all Overwatch if anything.

            On the other end, Miamoto is mentioned several times in the fluff and it was clear he would be coming to Aristeia.

            Gate is a get go on the catgirl theme (Corvus Belly loves their anime) of a agil female character, so Tracer and her just have the same basic concept that has been seen more then enough already. Or in other words you don’t need Tracer to create Gate. I bet Corvus was like: What about a Catgirl? Everyone: Catgirl yeah! and that became Gate.

            Also just because you can name the respecitve characters that they look like from Overwatch, doesn’t mean much as most of the characters just incorporate concepts like the Gunman or the Samuraiman which are easily connectable. But Miamoto is for example more of a mixture of Genji and Hanzo so you see here that he has nothing to do with Overwatch, just concepts overlapping. That is basicly what happens when you create very unique characters.

  • GrenAcid

    FINALY CB can make plastic minis….pls for the love of god make rest of range plastic too, I droped this awesome game cuz that metal was awfull to work with.
    PLS PLS PLS make it plastic.

    • As a massive infinity fan, I have to say I totally disagree, I love the pewter and it was a big draw for me! Haha.