40K: Blood Angels Table of Contents

The Blood Angels are coming to storm the tabletop – come take a peek inside the codex!

We got our hands on the Blood Angels Codex and we’re going to be taking a deep dive all next week. But for now, let’s take a look at the Table of Contents and see what we can see!

Codex: Blood Angels is getting a heaping-helping of Primaris Marines (and yes their points reflect the changes in Chapter Approved, btw). Still no Centurion, but there is a new unit in there that wasn’t in the index. Here’s a hint: It one Sanguinius would be proud of.

The Death Company got a few looks as well here is the old sheet comparted to the new one:

Index Death Company Datasheet

Codex: Blood Angels Death Company Datasheet

Not a ton of difference – although they did drop in Power Level. That’s great for folks who want to run them with Jump Packs. And why would you want to do that? Well…

Ahh that’s going to be good times.

The Blood Angels – Invading BoLS all next week! Stay Tuned…

  • Bakvrad

    No ironclad and centurions. So they didn’t get all the tools :S

    • BT

      Doesn’t their other unique stuff compensate for that though? I really want to see what the heck a ‘Terminator Ancient’ is… maybe that is a fancy way of saying ‘Ironclad’.

      • Jiraya

        Err wouldnt it be a terminator with a banner 😛

        • Like any other “ancient”, it’s indeed a guy with a banner. 😉

          • BT


        • BT

          Really? How sad…

    • I prefer Librarian and furioso dreadnought.
      Librarian dread with wings of Sanguinius is very efficient against ennemy characters.

      • Fraser1191

        Hey I’d be happy to trade my ironclad for one of those fancy librarian dreadnoughts lol
        Is there a lore reason that not all chapters have librarian dreads?

        • Bakvrad

          Blood Angels have a higher tendency of becoming a psycher and can handle the warp better then others. so they also have a higher chance that if one of them is seriously injured, that it could be a librarian and that he has the mental state for it. Also they are the finest craftsman, so they have the capability to build such a thing. So… stuff you know?

          • kingcobra668

            correction: “So, Fluff, you know?”

      • Bakvrad

        It’s just… I fear Dark Angels don’t get them either.
        The furioso actually is almost the same as an ironclad. So there is a Chance for my unforgiven ^^

  • Bill Papadopoulos

    Where is the Death company Chaplain?

    • Jiraya

      Id also like to know I see primaris and astoroth and the terminator one oO

      • Arcangelo Daniaux

        They already were’nt in the Index. I think we can forget the idea to have them back again to use as cheap Lemartes/Astorath. Fluff wise, the closest thing we have is taking a Chaplain and using 1CP to make him Death Company with a stratagem…

        Plus it’s not the Death Company Chaplain we should ask for : Where are ou Reclusiarcs ? Our true badass Chaplains with Captains profiles XD I think we’ll never see them back either.

    • Wampasaurus

      I saw the same thing and was disappointed. Not in the Index and now not in the Codex. Seems shortsighted to make a miniature barely over a year ago and then neglect to publish rules for it in the new edition

    • FCBullsht

      You use a Stratagem to make a Character belong to DC, no extra datasleet needed

      • Arcangelo Daniaux

        Well, not really, when comming to the profile and rules, the Death Company Chaplain and the Reclusiarch were diffirent from a simple Chaplain. The Death Company Chaplain was a chaplain with the Astorath rule giving reroll to it and to wound to the Death Company, and the Reculsiarch had these rules, plus a Captain profile with more attacks and wounds than a regular chaplain. The fact they removed them and gived this stratagem don’t really make sense.

  • Sanguinary Novitiate and Primaris Apothecary … They could have renamed the primaris apothecary as a primaris sanguinary novitiate rather than copy pasting …

    And rather than choosing some units to give them a primaris version with limited customisation options, they could do a primaris upgrade: +1W +1A +1PL and done.

    I would like to start a primaris blood angels army, but they are not really helping …

    • FCBullsht

      Models are named and equiped with what is on/in the box… This is an old story by now and wont change, get used to it.

      • Didn’t know that. It’s even more disappointing for the limited customisation options.

        I have some interest for the primaris line but their is not much options.

  • Bootneck

    Still no Assault or Devastator Centurions.

    • Kabal1te

      If GW gave all the space marine toys to the more interesting chapters, no one would play vanilla marines anymore and that just wouldn’t be acceptable. No thunderfire cannons either.

  • zeno666

    I heard BA don’t get to take Assault marines as troops.
    Thats poo.

    • Like in the 7th ed codex. 😉

      • zeno666

        Perhaps, I haven’t played since 5th 😛

    • Orblivion

      As long as they balanced it out more instead of having 3 options for Troops and 97 for Elites, I think it’ll be okay. But yeah, ASM as Troops was awesome.