Mantic: Check Out What’s Coming for Warpath in 2018

2017 was a big year for Mantic’s sci-fi miniature wargames. 2018 promises more exciting releases.

This year Mantic launched Warpath and Firefight, and four new factions: the Enforcers, Forge Fathers, Veer-myn, and Asterians. There will be more released in the new year to complete the seven factions in the rulebook – and more will be added on top of that.

First up are some additions to the GCPS that will allow you to turn your Deadzone Strike Team into a full fledged Warpath army.

via Mantic:

There will be separate releases for each of the units including GCPS Marines, Heavy Weapons Teams and Ranger Specialists. You’ll also see the arrival of two new Hard Plastic Vehicle kits – the GCPS Mule and Hornet. The Mule is a land based transport, not unlike a Jeep or Humvee, which can carry 10 GCPS infantry safely into combat and support them with its own mounted weaponry. The Hornet is a dropship, capable of vertical take off and landing – swiftly redeploying troops across the battlefield. A common tactic used by GCPS commanders is to air drop squads of heavily armed rangers from Hornets. These vehicles are widely used by not only the GCPS, but can also be found in Plague and Marauder forces, too.

Later in the year we’ll be reinforcing the armies with more units. We’ll be bringing back the Forge Father Urban Pattern Iron Ancestor – renamed the Hellermal in the current rules – by putting it through our new in-house resin casting. We’ll also be releasing some of the units that were featured in the Kickstarter, including the Veer-Myn Tangle, and even a few new miniatures that have never been seen before!

On top of this, there are more Hard Plastic vehicles on the way. Namely the massive Asterian Chira Transport/Chroma Force Platform and Plague variants of the Mule and Hornet.


Not playing Warpath yet? It’s easy to jump in with Mega Force bundles that will get you started with the force of your choice for £74.99.

For those playing now: what are your tips for new players just starting out?

  • euansmith

    I’m waiting on the delivery of my Mules and Hornet. [Rubs hands excitedly]

    • GoodOleBoy01

      Me too! Worth the wait IMHO… This is a great game and I really hope it continues to grow.

  • Don’t know the game but got some Enforcers for use in 40k. They’re pretty nice models.

    • dinodoc

      Same scale?

    • marxlives

      I was thinking the same thing with the GCPS expansion. There is my Guard army for 8th and Warpath.

  • Big Fat Fred

    I love the veer-myn. those tunnellers are excellent.

  • georgelabour

    They didn’t mention anything about new editions.

    Are we sure this is news straight from Mantic?


  • Seb

    Can’t help but think the featured image of lander and rover would make superb Squat vehicles – both have robustness about them that exemplifies stout dwarves 🙂