Tabletop Spotlight: Dark Angel 40K Releases

The Dark Angel got a wave of kits and a new codex this weekend – come take a look at what’s on store shelves!

This past weekend was a big event for fans of the Dark Angels, a new codex, a new dice set, a new Lt. model, a new pack of data cards and three “new” kits to bring the Primaris to the battle:

Let’s tackle the new kits first. It’s all Primaris, all the time for the Dark Angels. We didn’t show off the Hellblasters, but all three kits are “new” because they are repackages of the previous Primaris Kits, but with the new Dark Angel’s upgrade sprue:

The Intercessors come with 2 copies, the Hellblasters get 2, and the Aggressors get 1. I suppose if you really wanted to save some money and you were going to purchase Intercessors/Hellblasters and a box or two of Aggressors, you could just buy the standard aggressors and use the extra shoulder pads on them. The kits themselves are virtually identical, except for the accessory sprue.

The codex is exactly what you’ve come to expect from GW. Now, we’ve covered this one in detail so I won’t re-hash all that. It’s out and in stores so swing by and check it out for yourself. The last product I want to cover is the Data Cards:

If you’re a diehard Dark Angel fan, then you might want to pick these up. However, the Dark Angels have a lot of overlapping Stratagems with Marines and 36 cards are Tactical Objectives. Now, if you’re using Tactical Objectives, then I can see this being pretty handy – if you’re not, I wouldn’t worry about this pack. They do have 28 stratagems in the deck, total, so if you’re unfamiliar with them you could use this deck – or you could just reference your codex. I’ll leave that up to you.

Overall, it’s still a solid release for DA players. It mirrors the release we saw for the Blood Angels and it’s the final codex for 2017. Wow – I can’t believe the year is almost over! And GW is ending it with the First Legion!


Loyalist…Traitor…They are the Marines with the Plasma!

  • euansmith

    The hand holding the sword is a bit unfortunate, I think; as it really limits it to being held in only one pose.

    • Valourousheart

      True, but the options of which trophy you want that sword buried in are limitless.

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Mmm. Seems like it would’ve been a better fit for the Dark Angels Lieutenant mini, leaving the upgrade sprue with a more reusable power sword.

  • maxwell watson

    Mmm. Seems like it would’ve been a better fit for the Dark Angels Lieutenant mini, leaving the upgrade sprue with a more reusable power sword.

  • Snord

    This isn’t really a “solid” release – it’s a decent codex, but the model support is quite thin. I’m looking at going full Primaris; I think it’s the future for the beakies. And from that perspective, DA makes more sense than BA, as Primaris aren’t really geared toward assault. The DA Primaris Lieutenant is okay (minus the rubbish smug head), but rather difficult to re-pose if you want more than 1. And this will be your only Primaris Marine in full DA robes. This plus the DA Primaris sprue seems like thin pickings.