40K BREAKING: New Eisenhorn Model Spotted

It looks like the renowned Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos will be coming to the table top next month.

Rumor of a new Eisenhorn model started spreading a few days ago – and it looks like they were accurate based on this fuzzy photo from the next White Dwarf. Take a look…

via La Voz De Horus:

According to the source of the photo the release date for the new model is February 24th.

What are your thoughts on this bit of news?

  • Similar to the model used for the Inquisitor Tabletop. Not bad.

    • D. B.

      They did the same with Artemis. If that means a piecemeal Inquisitor-by-Inquisitor model release, they can count me in. I would never have been inner.

      • ZeeLobby

        Man, maybe i’d pick up some 28mm Inquisitor then!

  • Kritarion

    Looks rad

  • NihlusX

    Would literally kill for the rest of his retinue if they ever released them.

  • Kabal1te

    So I guess this means new models for the inquisition, meanwhile out of 3 upcoming codices for xenos just one updated character is all we have seen hide or hair (or living metal body) of. Not to mention the xenos armies that already have codices didn’t get anything new either. GW really doesn’t like their xenos armies.

    • OctopusVolcano

      Virtually nobody got anything new, there are numerous codexes in the imperium that did nothing other than adjust points and add strategms relics and faction traits.

      We already know necrons at least are getting another character, because they didn’t have enough, the only other xenos army that has a codex is eldar. All the rest are still codexless.

      Don’t get your hopes up though, if you’re not part of the current story you don’t get new shinies. That seems to be the rule of thumb.

      • georgelabour

        Eisenhorn died centuries before the current timeline.

        • Jennifer Burdoo

          We don’t know that yet – Abnett’s already screwed with the timeline of the Ghosts once.

          Also, there’s an unspoken assumption in the Inquisitor rules that all the characters live in the same period, and we know the Space Marine is around.

          • georgelabour

            In the second Ravenor book it was revealed that the tyrannids hadn’t even entered the galaxy yet.

            The next chapter gives a more precise number on just how far back they were from what we understand as the ‘modern’ 40k timeline. However it was IIRC several centuries.

            And other novels strongly imply that Ravenor did Eisenhorn, and it even became an object lesson in corruption for more learned parts of the Adeptus.

            So all extant bits of information point to Eisenhorn being as dead as Macharius.

            Which neatly neuters the complaint about ‘new shinies’ being handed out to plot important individuals.

          • GlynG

            Agreed that Eisenhorn is very probably killed off as hinted at by Ravenor. It’s also possible that this could just be what everyone thinks happened though and actually (if Abbnet ever gets to write the 3rd book) there’ll be a plot twist that something different happens (Eisenhorn sacrificing himself against a 3rd party or them making up and both surviving).

          • We’ve yet to see how the Eisenhorn vs Ravenor trilogy plays out from here, with an entire Eisenhorn novel coming in March. We actually know very little, especially when it concerns the Inquisition. Best we can do is listen to hearsay. The details and truths are hard to come by for now. Pariah alone makes enough implications to see that things aren’t as clear-cut.

          • You type hearsay and my mind reads heresy.

          • I don’t blame you. We’ve all been there.

          • Jennifer Burdoo

            The first Eisenhorn book is dated, IIRC, about M41.240, the next a century later, the Ravenor ones around fifty years after that. The Ghosts (who have heard of Ravenor and met one of the minor, very aged, Inquisitors from the Eisenhorn series) are currently around M41.790. Gaunt, if he doesn’t get killed off, may have the pull to survive into M42 with anti-aging tech. But while Eisenhorn would be 800 years old and that’s extremely rare for any character, there’s nothing stopping him from getting trapped in a warp-storm for a few centuries.

            I rather suspect that’s one of the reasons GW invented the warp in the first place, and then one-upped it with the Cicatrix Maleficarum. And made the dating system vague and possibly off by a millenium. You want to have Macharius and Gaunt in the same room? They meet due to crazy warp shenanigans, possibly without ever realizing they were born many centuries apart. As you’ve noted, Ravenor has met Tyranids – long before he should have.

        • Coltcabunny

          As did Tycho, Lysander (until retcon), Gaunt, Angkor Prok etc. What’s your point?

          • georgelabour

            read the reply I was replying to. K thxkz.

      • Kabal1te

        You may want to recheck your facts. Most of the imperium armies got primaris models not to mention for the dark and blood angels named primaris Lt.s and additionally access to more of the generic marine range. Mechnicus, guard, and chaos space marines are the only chaos or imperium armies that you can actually say didn’t see anything new. even grey knights got the new option to make a dreadknight HQ and got I think a little more of the generic marine range too if I recall correctly. Furthermore eldar are not the only xenos codex, tyranids have a codex too and while tyranids did see the addition of I think 2 carnifex options there aren’t even bits to really represent them from my understanding.

        • Apocryphus

          The “new” Carnifexes are designed off the bits in the kit. Each of the different heads and carapaces and basically everything was an option in 4th, and then in 5th all those options disappeared from the codex, we only just got back the option to use them.

        • Dooms Day

          Most imperium armies… so… 5/14 armies got reused models… and 2 of those 5 armies dont even have codexs…

          • Kabal1te

            Of the 7 imperium codices that are out right now 5 have seen new models that their previous codex or even index lacked. Now granted there are things in the indices that didn’t make it into the codices across the board I think but of the xenos codices eldar only lost things going from index to codex and I have a feeling dark eldar will see the same result. It is a pattern that is becoming very frustrating.

          • Rufus

            Walk me through this 5 of 7 comment. The obvious new models are Space Marines getting the Primaris range and the Custodes with a new range of models. Blood Angels and Dark Angels got an upgrade sprue and a Lt each, although their books give them access to the whole Primaris range so thats a hefty addition. But Grey Knights, Ad Mech and IG didn’t get any new models, apart from that limited release Sly Marbo. Honestly though, all thing considered thats really only Primaris and a handful of Custodes kits.

            If you look at the xenos ranges, DE are too new, too fringe and already fantastic models, so I doubt they get much for a long time. Tyranid, Orks and Tau hold up really well and don’t need an update beyond Tau auxiliaries. That leaves really only Necrons, Elder aspect warriors, and Tau Auxillieries (hopefully with a new line and codex) as the needed changes. Wouldn’t be a shock to see those models rolled out over the next couple years.

            I think the range that is in most dire need of new sculpts is CSM. They are ancient models, central to the unfolding story, and are ripe for replacement with the rise of Primaris. The current Khorne Berzerkers are an abomination.

          • Dooms Day

            I wouldn’t really call the primaris in the DA and BA codexs new.. they had them from when the primaris came out.. and its not like they were new new models for them.. they were just copy and pasted in.

    • A model, likely in resin and limited releases let’s not overblow this

      • Fergie0044

        No, this is the internet. EVERYTHING MUST BE OVERBLOWN! BURN YOUR MODELS!!!

      • euansmith

        Are you sure it won’t be a £25 clam pack plastic sprue?

        • I’m not sure but the rumor mill says resin limited release like Marbo

          • euansmith

            Poot and dang. Another sprue of bits, even an expensive one, would have been nice.

  • BigNorthMxO

    I would assuming this is part of the FW character Series. unless someone can make out something that says otherwise in that text.

    • NihlusX

      Or its in the same vein as Marbo, a one off character figure

      • BigNorthMxO

        To me it seems to fit what forge world planned to do with the character line for 40k. That sounded like it was to be a line of models based on characters from 40k stores/games.
        Also his release was tied into DoW3 and this seems to be tied into the new book. So hoping it’s a FW release so I don’t have to feel pressured into getting the model to soon. (Tho I will most likely still preorder it day one anyways from FW..)

  • usGrant7977

    Ordo Xenos. That was always so dumb to me. He fought aliens like once a book. The rest was always a non stop battle with chaos. I love the books, but he shoulda gone maleus.

    • Jennifer Burdoo

      Inqs do switch. It’s possible the reason he didn’t turn to Malleus was to avoid drawing attention to himself.

  • BaronSnakPak

    The space marine helmet to right of him looks like Death Watch Primaris.

    • Ak318

      or death company…….

      • BaronSnakPak

        DC uses an X symbol, this marine looks to have the Death Watch I on his helmet. Also, Blood Angels already had their codex release, Death Watch have not.

  • Paulo Picolomini

    Damn it. I still haven’t finished painting my Artell W Eisenhorn! I wonder if that means I should hurry up with my Commissar Cain figure as well.

    • General_Seedykay

      How’s the scale for the Artell stuff? Considering grabbing their Eisenhorn and Commissars but wondering how well their height and proportions sync alongside GW humans

  • Jordan Shea

    This is great. I will paint it and probably a new army to walk him into the table. Now they need to give Gaunt’s Ghosts the full plastic treatment. These are the characters that shaped contemporary 40k to a very great extent. They should give them and the whole abnettverse more love.

  • Sir Postalot

    Does anyone know what that that martking on the marine helmet means ?

    • Kabal1te

      Looks like the Lt. markings to me

  • Timotheus

    Oh my gawd, this is awesome. Not sure about the models head and the pic looks like his lower body is too small but I’ll wait for proper pictures. Anyway, a new model for the Inquisition is always good and if there is more on the way GW will finally get some more money Out of me….

  • Daniel

    When they show ONE new mini for 40k it’s “BREAKING”. When they announced Daughters of Khaine there was a collective thread about the event even without information about the new faction in the headline. Who runs this site?

    • Testar

      Eisenhorn > new models for some faggy Age of Sigmar

      • Kreoss4u

        Using that term isn’t ok, and, you use of it doesn’t make sense anyway.

  • m3g4tr0n

    Can’t wait for the Ravenor model that’s just an egg on its side.

  • karloss01

    It’s a 20th anniversary/tie with the new book model for Black Library. It’s resin and available on the 24th Feb.

  • John John Slade

    Uh oohhh…. here comes James Bond of 40k Universe

  • Drew

    I love that sculpt except for the head. I want old man, Prof. X bald Eisenhorn. =)