40K: The Deepstriking Garden of Nurgle


The Plague Gardens of Nurgle are up to all sorts of naughty tricks in the new Chaos Daemons Codex.

We’ve been checking out the Chaos Daemons Codex on our Twitch channel this week and we’ve been studying up on what the new daemons will be able to do. We talked about some of the shenanigans you can pull off with Denizens of the Warp already but we think our very own Matt Sall stumbled across one more.


The key thing about this ability is that it can work on Daemon units. We’ve already pointed out that there are quite a few units outside the book that this ability could apply to. But there was one in the book we glossed over:


The Feculant Gnarlmaw is a new Fortification unit. We were trying to figure out if this ability applies to it – and from what we can tell, because Fortifications are deployed like any other unit, this totally works. Why would you want to “deepstrike” these trees closer to the enemy? Cause they kinda rock for Nurgle Players:

Keyword: Daemon

A “unit” of 3 would clock in at 7 Power Level, too – which fits nicely under the restriction. That means when you “deepstrike” this unit, it only costs you 1 CP, and that is TOTALLY worth it. When this “unit” comes down, each tree has to be placed within 6″ of each other and 9″ away from the enemy. That’s still a large footprint on the tabletop and it’s abilities will totally pay off for Nurgle units in a big way – being able to charge after Falling Back or Advancing? YES PLEASE!

Incoming FAQ or Working As Intended?

Get ready for the Deepstriking Gnarlmaw Gardens – these trees bite back! 

  • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

    Nope, gonna buy these Sylvaneth trees and convert them, thank you GW.

    • Countdiscount

      That’s what I did

      • marxlives

        I love it when fluff and rules meet and just work. In a way, isn’t that the highest aspiration a faction within a wargame can achieve? I could imagine a battle over a daemonic incursion and as you’re fighting demonic scenery starts appearing and bleeding into the world. It is the same reason why I like the use of the Arcana card mechanic with Grymkin. It is a rule that gives the feel that your army is up against a force that is reality shaping/distorting.

    • marxlives

      I am on the opposite side of this fence. Some of the deamon stuff for nurgle is the most innovative aesthetic designs to hit deamons in a long time.

      • Pete Croucher

        Yes, but Plague Bastard is cheap and can’t afford to buy the actual models.

        Shame really, ‘cos they’re very nice!

        • marxlives

          Just do what I do and proxy all your models with Risk pieces glued to the appropriate bases. It is also a great way to win games as your opponent gropes around the table trying to strategize over pieces that he forgot what they represented turns ago.

          • Pete Croucher

            GENIUS! I don’t know why I spent so much time and money buying and painting my Orks and Marines!

            My Eldar will have to be tiny wooden blocks! 😀

  • G Ullrich

    Isn’t that stratagem referring to the Keyword…versus the Faction Keyword? It’s part of the Daemon Faction, but it’s not a Daemon Unit…it’s a Feculant Gnarlmaw.

    • Lyca Atteneder

      Both are ‘keywords’ i guess… I mean FACTION KEYORDS and KEYWORDS. because if they wouldn’t be, Daemons wouldn’t technically be Daemons right? At least that’s how I understand it… ^^

      • G Ullrich

        Actually, I’m coming around – just checking Daemons appear to only have the Daemon keyword in the Faction, so, yeah, this is a thing.

        • Lyca Atteneder

          nice… good to know

    • Geronimo32509

      Once the game starts, there is no difference between Keywords and Faction Keywords. There is only a difference when actually building an army:


      Any unit with the Daemon Keyword will be able to use this Strategim. Daemon Primarchs, CSM Daemon Engines, etc etc.

      • Brattak

        Yes, “once the battle has begun…” they are treated equally, but the battle begins with movement turn 1 and this stratagem is used during deployment.
        So i think it only applies to the daemon faction, which means you cannot use it for the Primarchs, Vehicles and similar units, that only have the daemon keyword, but not the daemon faction-keyword.
        I am pretty sure there will be an FAQ about this stratagem, so I will not begin building a list around the assumption, that it can be used for every daemon keyword.

        • Geronimo32509

          “the battle begins with movement turn 1”

          No where in the rules does it say the game (aka battle) begins at the movement phase of turn 1. It fact, on page 186 of the rule book under “Fighting a Battle” the first thing it starts talking about is selecting a mission, which is decidedly before the deployment phase.

          Also, from the Developers Commentary I linked to: “The only real difference is that Faction keywords are
          used when building an army”

          I think you would be hard pressed to make the argument that the deployment phase is not considered part of the battle but is, instead, considered part the list building exercise. This strategem might very well be FAQed, but it won’t be because it isn’t clear how to use it. It will be because it is, potentially, too powerful when combined with other Codexes.

  • Andrew

    Are there any Nurgle Daemons that can benefit from Shroud of Flies? Do any actually have an armor save? Besides a Daemon Prince?

    • LordKrungharr

      Nurgle Obliterators and Warp Talons and Mutilators and Possessed and Mortarion and all the Nurgle drones and tanks I think.

      • ellobouk

        Doesn’t apply to monster or vehicle units

    • Geronimo32509

      Most have an armor save. A 6+ to be sure, but Shroud of Flies will bump it to a 4+.

  • piglette

    I like most of the new Nurgle aesthetics, but I’m not sold on the tentacles. What’s with all the fleshy tentacles?

    • Paulo Picolomini

      I’m with you there. I think I will paint the tentacles more like lighter color woody reeds, instead or pink or fleshy.


    Is that mean Mortarion can move advance and shoot and charge in his turn if he will be next to this smelly tree? He is nurgle demons too yes?…so you could warp time him to and then charge after advancing..what😲

    • Zeb

      Morty is a monster so he does not count for that.

  • Witch Beatrice

    Imagine if GW made Tyranid Terrain that could “Tunnel strike”and have spiked chimneys spewing +2 cover saves and 6+ mortal toxic spore wounds and digestion pools of acid appear out of the ground blocking enemy movement !! Fluffy and Cool. Gw make me some plastic terrain please.

    • Rayna M. McCowan

      Sounds like a spore cloud generating sporocyst with hyper toxic spores from the toxicrene. But that would mean giving Tyranids a deep striking fortification (which it already is, just does it after deployment, before the match starts) that does more than pump out spore mines and having to shoot the nearest unit for a large sum of points and detachment.


    Can you move after using this denizen stratagem?

    • Johaad

      Not normally since its at the end of the movement phase

  • Brandon Rutter

    Wait, you can’t shoot THIS tree? Any tree with teeth should qualify as flamer-able at least. Now I miss templates….

  • Rewind

    Not sure this is a great as I initially thought 🙁

    If you DS them, they don’t effect your ability to Charge after Advancing etc until Turn 2, as your unit wasn’t in range at the start of it’s turn.

    Also, going 2nd & DS you lose the Sickness Blossoms buffs to help against Alpha Strike.