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Next Week’s 40k & AoS Prices & Products CONFIRMED

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Jan 9 2018
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A lot more happy Nurgle 40K and Age of Sigmar are coming this weekend. Get your wallet ready!

Here’s what’s headed your way this weekend according to numerous industry professionals:


Warhammer 40,000

It’s 2018 and Nurgle is waddling your way. Let’s start with the Grimdark.  Will look at the faces on this happy fellow:


Beast of Nurgle $40

I want to see this guy and The Masque in a dance-off.



Sloppity Bilepiper: Herald of Nurgle  $25



Age of Sigmar

Nurgle Rotbringers: Pusgoyle Blightlords $65


Nurgle Rotbringers: Lord of Blights $25



~LOVING the Beasts of Nurgle. Also look at the Nurgling with the Bilepiper – that is the happiest little guy in the Warp!

Author: Larry Vela
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