AoS: Daughters of Khaine Breakdown

The Queen of Shadow is back and she’s bringing all the ladies to the tabletop! Say hello to the Daughters of Khaine.

A brand new Order Battletome is coming from Games Workshop: The Daughters of Khaine!

Oldies But Goodies


Dark Aelf Witches are still around – but we all kind of figured those would be keepers in this book.

Avatar of Khaine/Cauldron of Blood

Another model from the Old Range that we figured would return.

Dark Elf Warlocks

The Doomfire Warlocks were another unit that was added/updated before the End Times. All of these kits were part of the last batch of Dark Elf releases.

New Unit Teasers

The Shadow Queen

This model is one we can only assume is the Shadow Queen from the teaser trailers. Is this a new Morathi model (95% yes) or something else? Guess we’ll have to wait to get that 100% confirmation from GW. For now, we’re just going to call this one the Shadow Queen.

New Harpies

We appear to have two different units here. One has a Shield and Spear combo – the other is a Shield and Hand-Weapon combo. We also can see they have different heads/helmets. Now, odds are these are probably a dual kit of some time but the Dark Elves had Winged Harpies in previous editions of the game. These new sculpts do look pretty wicked.



Again, we see a pair of units in the form of new Naga models (sweet!!) that have both a Ranged and a Close Combat option. Now, these could also be one-off characters as well or they could just be the focus was on the Unit Leaders. Naga Archers and Naga Spear-maidens are going to be a welcome addition that that model line though!


The Daughters of Khaine are getting a new “Big Kit” from the looks of the trailer. It got a massive coiled tail and it’s probably a winged naga of some type. Maybe THIS is the REAL Shadow Queen…maybe it’s just her pet…we’re excited to find out what’s GW has in store for them in the days ahead!


Are you ready for the return of the Daughters of Khaine? We don’t think you’re prepared…

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • Kabal1te

      Don’t worry it continues to live on in the hobbit game.

    • Inco Gnito

      It’s dead …

    • orionburn III


    • barry sadler

      Long live the printing press, long live Latin, long live crt television, long live all mediums which could not grow to match quality, needs or profitability

      • dave long island

        Long live Pluto! Long live belief in the American system of government! Long live geocentrism! Long live the integrity of the NFL! Long live the four humors of the human body! Long live having a pleasant time watching The Cosby Show reruns! Long live belief in a flat Earth! Long live Game of Thrones plot developments that make sense! Long live Marvel Comics!… lol

    • Jonathon Runge

      They just needed to expand east to Chin, Ind, and Nippon. The new models did not require the destruction of the Old World. AoS is more generic high fantasy than Fantasy was.

      • AEZ

        It did need destruction and since the old world was generic fantasy incarnate the last part is certainly incorrect.

        • Karru

          Age of Sigmar in short is Magic: The Gathering Planes and Plot but in much more “child-friendly” and super hero style. The story is mostly just “Bad guys come, get beaten by good guys” repeated over and over again.

          The only “restraint” why certain factions can’t just overpower one or the other is that the other factions are just too powerful in their own realms so nothing major ever happens.

          Then the big thing, geography. When someone says ANY place name in AoS, just the place like a city, vast majority have no idea where they are. Why? Because they matter so little. Everything is meant to be in epic scale in AoS lore where demi-gods and gods wage war on each other that cities are just places to be demolished for cinematic effect.

          In the Old World, if someone said Marienburg is burning, a lot of people knew that the name would suggest Empire even if they didn’t exactly know where it was located. If they said Chaos attacked it, people could easily realise “Oh, so it is somewhere in the northern part of the Empire”. Meanwhile you need to say the fricking plane the city or location is placed at since the guys who attacked it won’t tell you anything nor will the name of the city since they are all either extremely strange or just made up on the spot as the worlds are very lacking in “detail”.

          In either case, I don’t mind Old World blowing up that much these days. My armies and battles are still fought there while the rules I use are AoS. No argument is being made, no sh*t thrown at no one because they happen to enjoy one or the other.

          • EnTyme

            I hate to have this discussion with you again, but if you had asked someone three years into WHFB where Marienburg was, they’d reply “I don’t know. Maybe Germany?” We are getting more information about the world with every release. I’d like a Gazeteer-style book for the Mortal Realms, too, but to say “I can’t point to it on a map, so it doesn’t matter” is pretty disingenuous. Go to the Malign Portents site or Lexicanum if you want to read up more on recent developments in the Mortal Realms. But it’s getting old having the same argument over and over again. In other words:


          • Indeed!

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            quite….couldnt resist.

          • Karru

            As I said in my comment, I don’t care if you like the lore or not. To me the AoS lore is just plain boring and bad since it still lacks everything that would make it a great world. Maybe after 10+ years of development it could be good, but for now there is nothing that makes it great or “limited”.

            In short, good for you for liking it. I just don’t like it and decide to stay in the Old World because I find it more enjoyable and has freedom to do what I like within reason and it makes sense.

          • SophetDrahas

            Where are you sourcing your square bases from? I could stand to stock up. These dark elf models are going to make my list but I will continue to play in the old world as you are.

          • Karru

            You missed my original comment, but I play AoS with the lore in the Old World but the rules from AoS as I do like them. Thus I am using round bases for my models.

          • Drew

            This argument gets made a lot, and every time, there’s a key difference that is left out: the creators of Warhammer Fantasy were creating something from nothing. Not that it was wholly original, but there was no game that preceded it, so everything it created was more than what had been before.

            When you destroy a setting with thirty years of history, it is incumbent upon you to build something meatier to replace it than you did the first time around. GW simply didn’t do their due diligence at the release of AoS. They’re starting to right the ship NOW, and I’m very happy to see that, but that doesn’t mean they did right from day one or that they’re where they should be yet.

            I happen to like the AoS setting (not as much as I liked the Old World, but what’s done is done and I’d rather be happy with the things I think are cool about the present than cry over spilled milk), but to compare their development cycles (one a first effort from a fledgeling company, the other a replacement for a well-established setting by the clear leader of the miniatures gaming industry) is somewhat disingenuous. Coming from the modern Games Workshop, the expectations for AoS three years in are, and should be, higher than those for Warhammer Fantasy after a similar amount of time.

          • USS Daedalus

            The interesting thing about geography in the Mortal Realms is that I don’t think it matters. Each individual location has been really well detailed. You can learns of differences between Anvilgaard and Hammerfell. Sure, it’s a little fuzzy how many imperial league are between them… but in a world where distances have been short-cutted by these gates… I don’t think that type of geography matters. I don’t have a clear overview of the realms, but dang, do I have good ideas about each specific realm.

          • Koen Diepen Van

            I find the AOS setting to be the most bland snore fest i have ever seen If something is everything it also is nothing

          • Karru

            “The interesting thing about geography in the Mortal Realms is that I don’t think it matters.”

            There’s the problem you see.

            “City X, Y and Z have been destroyed in the Realm of K! Doom is upon us! CHAOS IS COMING!”

            “Mmmmm… Where is that again?”

            “Realm of K! Like it said!”

            “Uh huh, so how is the destruction of these cities critical?”

            “People are dying, chaos is coming, what more do you need!?”

            “Okay, how are these cities important? Are they some sort of major population and/or military centres for the Realm or something?”

            “No no, they really don’t matter actually, there are many more like them all over the realm!”

            “So where is the threat?”

            “In CHAOS!”


          • ZeeLobby

            Amen. This is a perfect description of how much none of it matters. Lol.

          • euansmith

            Pretty much exactly the same as the 40k “Galaxy” then? 😉

            “This planet is strategically important and is under threat from the Xenos-Heretic-Menace!”

            “How is it strategically more important than any of the other planets in the system, or systems in that quadrant?”

            “It is the only source of McGuffinium in the Imperium.”

            “Why didn’t you say! Suit up, boys!”

          • Karru

            You could say that, but there is a slight difference between the two. In 40k universe we have an accurate picture of the Galaxy in terms of directions as well as good amount of information.

            A single planet for example somewhere that was just made up for that particular scenario doesn’t really have impact, but if the story goes “Armageddon is once again under major invasion” people will know what that is and how important it is for the Imperium.

            In 40k they have made it so that certain sectors and planets bear significant strategic value that is not present anywhere else. Losing those assets would be a terrible setback for the Imperium, which makes them more interesting in story aspect when they are focused on.

            This is why some could say that Fate of Cadia was somewhat interesting and even shocking to some people. Cadia was known as the major blockade against Chaos, with it gone, Imperium suffered a setback. Of course, the quality of the writing these days is abysmal at best so that is a bad example to be honest.

          • Kabal1te

            40k has also been around 30 years. Go read the original Rogue Trader where chaos wasn’t really a thing and the whole idea of the Horace heresy wasn’t even though of yet. We are starting to see pictures of the realms, what their geography is like, where resources are and defensible locations of importance, It is taking longer than I would like and longer than it really should have but it is getting there.

          • euansmith

            Cadia being the only stable escape route from the Eye of Terror due to the Pylons made some sort of sense (or where the Pylons there because it was the only stable escape route from the Eye of Terror; I forget). Other than that, the only really import location in 40k is the Throne Room on Terra.

            If I were doing the fluff, I would establish clearly defined Warp Routes (like the old Trade Routes in Traveller); so it could be clear that system “A” is a vital link on the route to system “B”. This could give some more structure to things like the 13th Crusade.

          • Laurence J Sinclair

            Well, the important thing about having big worlds is that you CAN destroy parts of them. In the Old World, if Chaos ever overran part of the world, destroyed Kislev or whatever, that would irrevocably alter the background – sorry, no more winged lancers because they’ve been wiped out.

            Having big ol’ realms allows for sweeping victories for factions without annihilating any of the others. Storm of Chaos was a damp squib because GW realised that if Chaos won, where could they really go from there?

          • Lyca Atteneder

            Yes unfortunately you are right about the setting being ‘child-friendly’.
            But lacking detail seems a little unfair if you consider the complete change of everything and the fact that the setting is still quite young compared to WHFB, which had many years to become that detailed (including all the books and other not strictly gaming related fiction).
            Considering how much effort they put into the setting, my guess is that it might just come out as detailed and well known as the old world if given the needed time.

          • Karru

            But the major pitfall of the world is the grand scale. They made it too big and powerful right out the gate so that any event that happens has pretty much no impact at all unless they literally go “The entire realm is about to be destroyed” which causes the problem of “that will not happen since that realm is actually too important”.

          • Lyca Atteneder

            True. The size of the realms is a bit of a problem. It’s just a thought but I guess that a single one of the mortal realms is equal in size to the Old World which, at least at the moment, is a bit problematic when it comes to things happening being relevant. Maybe that will change if the realms get mapped out finally and the people who play know what the world(s) look like. At least that’s what I hope.
            I’m not entirely sure but I guess there’s allready a map of Shyish on the malign portents website… maybe I should look it up.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            I think alot of that vagueness is deliberate so they have more options when making “campaign packs” and such not.. I doubt we will ever see too much so they dont get pidgeon holed. C7 (my favorite rpg company) is supposed to be making the new warhammer and AoS rpgs so I am interested to see how they will do the setting. ITs far more important in an rpg than a wargame anyhow.

          • Lyca Atteneder

            Yup. I Agree.
            An AoS rpg might just turn out pretty neat imho. Also it would give us a lot of background information about cities, the realms and a lot other things that don’t really matter too much in a wargame. Well, I hope at least.

            Speaking of RPG: this whole WHFB to AoS situation reminds me of White Wolf’s World of Darkness (classic to new). The old Vampire the Masqerade for example was so detailed that there where pretty much no room for making individual stuff… Requiem was the contrary: little detail but a great room for your own ideas.
            AoS is similar there. It’s rather vague which can be beneficial if you like to create your own stories, characters and places. But for that you really need people who would be into this kind of thing as it adds a little bit of pnp charm to it. Certainly not interesting at all to the competative players though.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            the good thing is they are doing both settings, so the old world will live through that.

          • Rasheed Jones

            AoS ISN’T new though, its also got 30 years behind it. Those 30 years are WHFB. They aren’t building from nothing. It’s not fair to constantly say its new when its a continuation of something else. They have so much that they could build off, that they abandoned to do the cover to a power metal album instead (even though its my favorite music genre)

          • Lyca Atteneder

            And where are those 30 years of WHFB in the AoS fluff if I might ask?
            It’s not REALLY building on it… they took some parts of it, yes, but those parts are pretty much the characters and the names for the Realms and that’s it (even though there are mentions of ‘the worlds that was’). Which aren’t new at all, as everyone of us knows who, for example, Nagash is or that Aqshy was the wind of fire and so on.
            The Realms in their own right are definately something new allthough they built up on the winds of magic from the Old World.
            So there are some small pieces taken from the 30 years of WHFB, as you said correctly. BUT the setting we have now IS something new / completely different and therefore they didn’t have as much time as siad 30 years to flesh it out yet. That’s pretty much all I’m saying.
            Also, you said it yourself: they had a lot of stuff to build on, but they didn’t… therefor they are building from pretty much nothing as nearly all the stuff that was there was discarded by them. Probably because of copyright issues I guess (which is kinda meh).
            Oh btw… power metal (as a music genre) certainly has it’s charm.

          • Rasheed Jones

            They were discarded, thats a problem of the setting. They had stuff too build from and didnt. Its a failing if the setting, and even so its been out for years and the lore is still bad. It hasnt improved in any appreciable way.

          • Lyca Atteneder

            do you think so? ok… it is quite a strange thing (the lore) that’s true and it surely might not be the taste of everyone out there.
            Still, in a way of story progression it has done much more in it’s few years than WHFB ever did sadly.
            I’m not saying AoS is better when it comes to lore or style, but it definately has something the old world lacked, being an ongoing narrative compared to every edition since 5th (I started with this edition so anything before that is unkown to me) starting in pretty much the same point on the timeline, which was about to end due to Archaon’s invasion(at least that’s what all the timelines in the armybooks I’ve read told me).
            I really like that to be honest and with every release there are some new pieces of fluff, which couldn’t really be said for the Old World (with Ogre Kingdoms and Khemri being the exception).
            If those pieces of fluff are good or bad… I guess it depends on individual taste. Imho it’s not that bad though.

          • Rasheed Jones

            Its true that the story progresses, but that can be said of almost any story, WHFB was more of a setting its true, but while things happen in AoS, it doesnt mean anything because the setting is still about as muddy as its always been.

          • Lyca Atteneder

            You are right. It is still muddy which, for me, is not much of an issue to be honest, as i like more ‘open’ settings. I guess only time will tell if it remains like that and it highly depends on how they plan to go on with it.

      • Chris

        Agree on all counts. There was so much potential for a Cathay army; warrior monk close combat units, infantry with hand cannons (ancient mini-mortars) for long range, fu dog cavalry, terracotta warrior monstrous infantry, a big cheese modelled on Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China, guns and artillery barrels sculpted like ostentatious gold dragon heads, and of course a massive serpentine oriental dragon for a character mount.

        WFB may have been generic in principle, but there are few fantasy settings as well-fleshed out. In comparison, AoS is a mediocre, watered down, saturday morning cartoon version that just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Some of the models are nice. I’ll just be using them in 8th edition.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          I really dont see why they couldnt have simply made a “olde world” sourcebook for AoS, the settings could really easily have existed side by side. It doesnt seem to me that GW is putting much effort into anything lately anyhow.

        • Lyca Atteneder

          WHFB as a setting had just a tiny bit more time to become well-fleshed.
          AoS in comparison is still rather fresh and new so… you know.

      • Lyca Atteneder

        It would have been nice if they’d done that. Also the complete destruction might not have been necessary.
        But the storyline and plot have been all the same for about 4 editions. Allways was the Old World on brink of a great chaos invasion and all that. The way they built up the setting pretty much said: “hey the old world is screwed, chaos is about to win!” So there was no real way to get around all of that which resulted in the End Times. The destruction was maybe a bit too much… on the other hand: now they have a way to get a storyline going again. Not everyone might like that of course but at least there is something happening again.

    • Mathew G. Smith

      You all know this is a bot, right? Check the post history.

  • orionburn III

    Okay…first thought is if those Harpie wings could be used to make Tyranid Shrikes since FW killed those off.

    • 41st Millenial

      Since the “Harpies” seem to be on the same size category as the witches they might be too small for that, probably the same size as the gargoyles kit.

      A very nice wing set though is the one from the Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Flayers.

    • Apocryphus

      I cut up the winged back packs from the Possessed box for mine. They’re a little smaller than I’d like, but work well enough on their backs.

  • EnTyme

    Rumor is that the Shadow Queen will have two model that she can switch between during battle. I’m betting that the Naga will be the cavalry-equivalent for this force. Also, I’m not sure that those are new Harpies. I’ve seen people referring to the winged models as “Furies” in other places.

    I don’t care if this is an Order army by the rules, I’m using it as a Slaanesh cult.

  • Karru

    I’m going to be checking these ones out, maybe even start them as an actual fully fledged army if the pricing is reasonable. The Witch Elves are still one of the most ridiculously priced kit in the current GW range with 40€ for 10 pretty much mono-pose models. If they increase the kit to 20 models for 50€ for example, I’d probably start the army in a heartbeat.

  • 9breaker

    huh… This would have been the perfect opportunity to release a new Avatar of Khaine model.. Something that could be used in 40k and could rival the greater daemons. such a shame.

    • I concur to that…An Avatar of Khaine model for both 40k and used by the Daughters of Khaine would have been amazing

    • EnTyme

      I wouldn’t hold my breath, but there may still be some stuff left to preview.

  • Christie Bryden

    as long as its not stormcast. Would have prefered new dead though.

    • To be fair, this will be our first ‘evil’ Order army…Technically lawful evil

      • Kabal1te

        Yea but order is the deepest of the grand alliances and death is by order of magnitudes the smallest.

  • Let’s see…

    Previous units – Witch Aelves, Doomfire Warlocks, Cauldron of Blood, Bloodwrack Shrine, Bloodwrack Medusa, Death Hag, Hag Queen
    New Units (seen so far) – Shadow Queen Morathi, Naga units, Harpie units and…the unknown large serpentine

    • Munn

      The snake is ALSO Morathi

      • Brian Griffith

        Yup. Note that they’re both holding the same spear.

        Shapeshifting on the battlefield is gonna be fun. If only they gave the Changeling that ability…

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    The big, unrevealed thing is the Shadow Queen. The first teaser video had her mention how she got merged with the thing that devoured her, so a little snake-y Slaanesh aspect would totally fit.

  • Dan Tipton

    It is a dark time for us all. I see Mono cups! I want my 2 love’n spoonfuls. Females is born with 2 so there should be 2 cups. Preferable BIG’ens T O-O! I know there elves But (and more butt to) If they are a threat, its got to be a big threat!
    Maskes!? Whats this! A cheap eazy cop out of work? Are artist that lazy? Or GW only going to put 3 heads in a kit? Or is pretty female face still to difficult in mini? I had the dark elf from Warhammer quest had a 2 peace face. It was a male. Is the darkoth war queen this cheep mono breast? I hope not
    What does this mean for Sisters o’ Battle? An opportunity to hide mutation! N O-O!

    • j e s s !

      you feelng ok there hon

    • Farseerer

      Sorry wat

  • dave long island

    Funny how the dark elf chick in the top pic looks bored… LOL.

    • ZeeLobby

      “sigh, just another day in magic bubbles…”

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        now we need to get them in “magic bubble baths” 😀

      • dave long island

        LOL 🙂

  • Chris

    These will fit very nicely into my Slaanesh marauder horde.

  • EnTyme

    Also, the AoS Facebook account referred to the model as Morathi, so you can probably go ahead and do the same.

  • Malisteen

    I’m betting the last one, the big snake, is Morathi, and elf with the metal wings is a named or generic infantry hero type leader for smaller games.

  • Kabal1te

    This will hurt me in the wallet

  • monkeypuzzle

    Isn’t that little pet dragon one of the sneak peek images from ages ago?

  • Free as a Pass Rusher against

    I like my elves in the bright and shiney variety, but I’m 100% painting that Morathi

  • Randy Randalman

    I like that she’s the dark reflection of Alarielle.

    • In some way, it is like that…Although as Alarielle is the Goddess of Life, her true polar opposite happens to be Nagash the God of Death…But I do see the parallels between Mortahi and Alarielle as both were prime female leader figures of their past facions

  • surfpenguin

    Not to keen on the whole ‘chainmail bikini’ look…but for these I may make an exception…

  • DaveTycho

    I’d like to see someone genuinely complain that the the new witch elf models are sexist towards women.

    • Munn

      You’ll mostly get sad neckbeards waiting to whiteknight against cries of sexism that never come.

      • DaveTycho

        I expected nothing less.

  • piglette

    Those naga models are pretty wicked.

  • I am super excited about this new release. I love the new style and greek- ish/esque atmosphere the new models have. I just can’t wait to know more about that serpent tail (who I guess will be the real Shadow Queen) and the release date.

  • euansmith

    Those Nagas are pretty cool.

  • Roman Himmelhan

    from the sound of that preview, it seems to me that every package will include some yet unreleased songs from Mar1lyn Man5on… (rock is dead!!!)

  • Alexis Muscat

    I think the winged lady is some kind of super Death hag, à the réal Morathi is sitting ok some kind of giant winged snake.
    Or maybe is mutated and is the snake herself.

  • Mark Howarth

    I’m going mix some of these though my khorne army for 40k. Love the look of them

  • Rasheed Jones

    Um, what? The armor in AoS is far from sensible in any sense of the word to anyone that knows anything about armor. It’s stylized to look cool, which is still different then what you’re saying. It is weird that someone brought up that someone would complain about it before anyone did. As for tireing…agreed there, its just more order stuff.