AoS: Knight of the Shrouds and Other Warscrolls Leaked

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The internet knows everything, especially what you did last summer, but it also knows what will be coming in the Legions of Nagash Battletome.

Coming to you fresh off the internet via Runebrush who gathered some of these from the AoS App, and also via DakkaDakka–here’s a look at the upcoming Legions of Nagash Warscrolls. These all have a few general updates, but there are a few new ones to check out below. You can find the rest over at Runebrush, if that’s your bag.

via Runebrush

First up, Nagash himself.

Like many of the Death heroes in this book, he can heal summonable units. Nagash’s is incredibly potent and usable from across the battlefield.

Neferata has a few more tweaks coming into this, with improvements to a couple of her abilities, though she no longer lets you create more vampire mans.

Next up is the new Prince, who is a pumped up vampire lord that hits harder and faster. And last but not least, everyone’s favorite Malign Portents man.

All around it seems like Death is going to come out swinging. Be sure and keep an eye out for more Age of Sigmar news as we get nearer to the release.

Death comes on swift wings–and slow wings, and skeletal horses, and like vaporous trails, and–look there’s a variety okay?


  • Frank Krifka

    Wow. Looks like Nagash might actually see some table time at competitive events this update. Good news for death players.

  • Koen Cambré

    That knight of shrouds seems completely useless at first glance.

    The damage he does is almost the same as a vampire lord… although a vampire lord is faster, can resurrect models, is a wizard AND can use a command ability that can affect any death units and not just nighthaunt.

    So unless this knight of shrouds is 100p or less, I’d take a Vampire over this any day of the week. (or the portent rules need to be very powerful…)

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I just like how he looks. and how he will fit with my spirit hosts as a villain in rpgs

    • SacTownBrian

      Hex wraiths hitting on 3+ is quite good and mournguls on 2s, well that’s even better. Give her the midnight tome artifact and pair up with some banshees to summon strike more ghosts when she looses her bubble of troops. Seems pretty darn good to me.

    • Louper

      In a generic death army I’d agree. But in nighthaunt he is a powerful force multiplier that the army really needed. His command ability doubles the odds of mortal wounds from spirit hosts which is pretty huge for an army that currently is pretty weak.

      +1 to hit is really strong, in general, +1 to hit in a big 18″ bubble is excellent, +1 to hit in an army that has battleline that do MWs on 6+ is magnificent.

      His main weakness is how easy he is to snipe, but thats more or less a larger issue that that AoS needs to address game-wide, but as a whole I feel he is by far the best of the 4.

      • Koen Cambré

        Oh sure. We were just sold the line that these heralds would fit into any Grand alliance army from a narrative point of view…

        And he turns out to be super micro-faction orientated by his actual rules. Stark contrast with the “one of Nagash’ lieutenants leading his armies” line mentioned in the MP movies on their website. He’s objectively worse at that than a vampire.

        PS: it says wholly within 9″ on his command ability… not 18″, just 9″ AND your whole unit has to be crammed in there. So good luck getting it to affect more than 1 unit, that’ll be hard. AND you’ll have a 5W general… Although nighthaunt already suffered greatly from having to do that and this doesn’t change it at all.

        • Louper

          “Fitting into any grand alliance army” from a narrative point of view is a very different thing from being a competitive choice.

          Also he isn’t objectively worse than a vampire lord.

          – 2 damage is better than D3
          – Immune to rend makes him harder to kill in a single round than a vamp lord

          – The vampire’s healing mechanics are better
          – The vampire is more mobile
          – The vampire is a wizard

          I think the vampire is probably a bit better if they have the same points cost but its not nearly as cut and dry as you suggest. (plus you are assuming the vamp lord isn’t changing for better or worse)

          As for the aura, its a 9″ radius which means its an 18″ diameter, hence 18″ bubble. And the whole unit doesn’t have to be in 9″, its just every model wholly within 9″ gets the buff. You can fit a lot of stuff in that aura. In most games I could see him escorting 2-3 units of spirit host and keeping all 3 units in the aura pretty comfortably.

          • Koen Cambré

            You know you are grasping at straws when you say 2 is better than D3… It’s pretty much averages to the same.

            So yeah, it’s a trade-off to between all the stuff you mentioned the vampire is better at AND he has a more flexible all round command ability that works at higher range (try slapping it on Morghast Archai) vs the new ethereal (that comes with drawbacks now too, like not getting cover bonus).

            You also forgot to mention the leaks are showing a vampire can resurrect/heal your other slain/wounded models while the new KoS can’t.

            So unless those portent mechanics are insanely good, or the KoS is very cheap, this is a dead on arrival model when it comes to fielding it on the battlefield (except perhaps for pure nighthaunt if you want the NH allegiance bonuses, which I believe will still stand after LoN drops).

          • Louper

            Median roll on D3 is 1.5 thats 25% worse than damage 2. Statistically significant.

            If attacking something with no save the KoS does ~3.56 damage while the Vampire does ~2.67.

            I didn’t really take into account the command ability because realistically you are never going to use either as the “general” in a generic death army since, as you mentioned 5W generals are a bad choice. (Its just nighthaunt doesn’t really have any other choice)

            Personally, I don’t really see a compelling choice to really run either of them if your goal is to be competitive. But like I said GW never promised they would be “competitive” options. They just promised you could run them in a narrative force. (In which case you don’t care about efficiency as much)

    • Ben

      +1 to hit for spirit hosts could be super potent…

  • Ak318

    QUick thing there is some dispute it seems about whether or not this is true or fake cause some aussies are saying it did happen others not. Also it seems some ppl started asking GW staff at LVO about mechanics and they said was fake.

    Like not saying this is fake but there are different sources saying is true and others fake.

    • dave long island

      Fake News!… lol

      • ZeeLobby

        It was only a matter of time, lol.

        • Frank Krifka

          Covfefe and what have you.

          • euansmith

            Man, that Covfefe is totally OP!

    • SacTownBrian

      None of the rules writers are here at the LVO are they? The only people I’ve seen are the retail staff and community reps.

      • Ak318

        No idea I am just reporting comments that have been made by ppl on one of the FB death groups. (A member went up to GW staff and expressed their frustration to which one of the GW team responded that the leaks were fke and the battletome will be to the players liking for sure.)

        I mean one interesting thing is GW does tend to repsond to leaks and rumors quite quickly especially when they are right . I wonder if in the coming week they might try and start tlalking about the new battletome.

        I mean the main reason ppl are disputing is supposedly the only ppl to get the faulty app update were australian users but not every australian user?

  • Ak318

    Some bits causeing a stir banners now reduce bravery no more repawning models. Blood knights and morghasts cannot recover models.

    • NeinNeinNein

      If everything we have seen so far around the new Death mechanics is true, and without seeing allegiance abilities, Death has been hit with another nerf for.. no reason at all? Deathless minions nerf was bad enough, undead armies players have been waiting for a bone thrown their way for a long time and GW gives back yet another nighthaunt piece and possibly making the faction even worse in general… so weird.

      • EnTyme

        You may want to wait until the allegiance abilities are announced. Allegiance abilities can make or break an army.

        • NeinNeinNein

          that’s what I meant, still I’m not really holding my breath, I’m sure they won’t change the points for a lot of things so having say blood knights that were already pretty average cost 260 points without even being able to bring back 1 dude, or necropolis knights that went up in cost while getting worse and now loosing the banner too.. well, not good. Plus the fact that you now need to invest more points in heroes if you want to keep your army together when before that was already costed in the units with banners..

          • Ak318

            TBH Blood Knights were pretty OP for points cost both healing models and bringing back a dude.

      • Sybarite

        Hehe, bone, heh.

  • Jamie Martin

    Legions of Nagash Battletome date?

  • Marco

    Long live Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World!

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      Marco, you are slipping dude, shoulda been johnny on the spot here!

    • Bakvrad

      Long live cheese toast!
      Eat more cheese toast!

    • BlooDeck

      Long live random bots pasting the same message again and again.

  • disqus_HUXMdKxsPG

    Go take screenshots of the old rules right now if you like them. They will not be avadible after. We have lost of regeneration standard

    • Ak318

      or just buy the grand alliance book.