BoLS: STREAMING NOW -Dark Apocrypha “A Ripple In the Warp”

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector two Xenos empires clash .  The T’au must fend off an unexpected Alaitoc Craftworld strike!

This week on Dark Apocrypha…

Welcome to the Enigmus Sector – the setting for Dark Apocrypha.

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The Enigmus Sector: Week 2 Day 1 – A Ripple In the Warp (watch LIVE NOW)

Located North of the Jenn’s Folly Warp Conduit lies the small T’au outpost world of Voss’ho. This peaceful outpost is tasked with monitoring Imperial activity on the nearby worlds of Mogan Prime and Kramp-O, as well as watching for Chaos raiders out of Dax IV.  Even with the nearness of such major enemy worlds, Voss’ho is a quiet world that has never known war. With fighting intensifying across the sector it never pays to be unprepared, or so believes T’au Commander “Ironsights”. Worried about possible enemy attacks he has set out on an inspection of his northern outposts. As the tour brings him to Voss’ho, the infamous Eldar battleship Spear of Khaine enters the system and begins landing troops on the peaceful world. Now Ironsides and his second in command Darkblade must rally the troops and attempt to defend the outpost against the enigmatic  Eldar.

T’au Empire

Darkblade – 3

Ethereal -2

Commander -6

12x Strike team w/ drones – 7

12x Strike team w/ drones – 7

10x Strike Team w/ Drones -6




12x Tactical Drones -6



pl 76 6/6 cp 


Alaitoc Eldar

Voidzphyer- 7

Veilpercier – 8

10x Dire Avengers – 6

10x Dire Avengers – 6

10x Dire Avengers – 6

10x Swooping Hawks – 6

10x Warp Spiders – 9

5x Fire Dragons – 6

3x Dark Reapers -4

Wave Serpent – 9

Wave Serpent – 9

76 PC 6/6 cp 

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