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Adeptus Custodes, 40K FAQs, Northkin, RPGs & More!

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Jan 15 2018

The Emperor’s Golden Boys, Space Marines updates, frigid Trolls, and Sci-fi & Warhammer RPGs are all headed your way. Get in here gamers!

40K BREAKING: FAQ-a-palooza – Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Marines

GW just released the FAQs for both Blood and Dark Angels, and updated Space Marines.

Privateer: New Trolls Stroll, Roles Tolled

New Northkin Trolls come bounding in from Privateer Press. Looks like a chilly reception.

40K: Next Week – Custodes Clean Sweep

Next week the Adeptus Custodes step out from the Imperial Throne Room and into your pre-orders.

P3: Intro to Airbrushing

Get the most out of your airbrush with these painting tips from P3.

Grim and Perilous Roleplaying in 2018

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition is under way, take a look at what’s cooking, with bonus Zweihander!

Paizo: Paths, Stars, We Find Them All

Some cool new Star and/or Pathfinder releases this week. Check them out!

GW: January 13th Pre-Order “First Looks”

AoS is catching the Nurgle infection with the return of the Blightlords and Friends!


Star Wars: Legion: AT-ST Walkers On Horizon

The Imperial “Chicken” Walker is heading to a tabletop near you!


~You’re all caught up – Custodes week ahead!

  • 40K Lore: Thirsting for Blood, Thirsting for Lore