Cosplay Details: Building A Sororitas & Wonder Woman

We’re starting the year off with a fierce Sisters of Battle Cosplayer!  

Welcome to the Cosplay Artist Spotlight!

We’re continuing our spotlight of with a Warhammer 40k Cosplayer who has a fierce Sisters of Battle in her arsenal! This is a sneak peak at some of the details behind the cosplays of Eda Karadogan! She sent us some behind the scenes images from the cosplays we featured last week. Enjoy!


Adeptus Sororitas

“The Pauldron detail was created with eva foam. I cut and shaped the pieces with a Dremel tool. The Chestplate and details created with Eva foam and worbla. The back pieces were entirely EVA foam, as were the Chestplate , bracers and grenade template. The knee pad were created with EVA foam, and the skulls were 3d printed.”


Wonder Woman

“All pieces for this were made with EVA foam. The sword was wood and eva foam, and the Shield was made eva foam and rope. I covered everything with worbla. After all pieces were completed, cover with glue , sanding and painting everything. Done!


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  • EwanPorteous

    Seeing SoB armour in real life, just goes to show how ridiculous the concept of “boob” armour really is. If they do ever release SoB, I hope they lose it.

    Nicely built and put together though 🙂

    • The8foldpath

      why is it ridiculous..?

      • Kritarion

        It basically guides hits in that area towards more vital parts

        • The8foldpath

          same can be said for muscle armour. the cadian armour has breast slabs on it.

      • EwanPorteous

        It would be heavier, awkward to wear and very uncomfortable. I
        t would I’m guessing, be quite dangerous to wear as well.

        Plus the female would have to have a really unnatural shape to even fill the space. I’ve never seen any female soldier wearing different armour 😊

        There is no need to represent a female miniature by emphasing her breasts, especially in a military context.

        Same with female soldiers wearing high heels! Haha

        • The8foldpath

          there is no need to represent men with muscle armour in the game either, but here we are. i dont recall the original models wearing high heels either.
          plus i dont understand what you are referring to in regard to having to have an unnatural shape but have you seen what spacemarines would have to look like to fit inside power and terminator armour? have a google…

          • Alienerd the unbannable

            Aaah so women are now incapable of developing muscles? Surely they would do with the same ‘muscle armour’, right? Also, heels here.×950/99810108001_SistersofBattleCannonessVeridyan01.jpg

          • The8foldpath

            did i say that they couldnt develop muscles? plus i mentioned the original model line. one cannoness has heels. you want realism then you guys are in the wrong game….

          • Alienerd the unbannable

            Well she is based on original art which ran at the same time as the original SoB models, so I say that more than cements it. And no you didn’t say they couldn’t develop muscles, you just literally threw it out as the male alternative to the boob armour. No one is asking about straight up realism. We know there are hell-forged machine dragons and the like flying around and SPESS MUHREENS with hands and heads bigger than they should be. This one wee little detail though some of us just can’t see the point in. Doesn’t make it wrong, doesn’t make it right, just makes it something which is a bit pointless unless you look at it as an aesthetic choice rather than a practical one (the SoB chest armour, that is), but even then as an aesthetic choice it goes against the SoB’s nature.

          • The8foldpath

            yet there was never a model until recently. it is but one model in the range and yes it is another asthetic choice. not a practical one. the original cannoness was in the same armour as the rest. did the new models in the triumvirate box have heels? i would never advocate for them any way as they are dangerous to even walk in but if the artist that created these models throws that into the mix and it looks good then im ok with it.
            i used muscle armour as an example because it would also direct blows/bullets to the heart area which is what i assumed they were talking about. you made the leap that women cannot develop muscles for reasons i do not know.
            but some of us see it for what it is. an artistic choice that gw made to define them further from the spess muhreens.
            you are right though. i do not see it as practical. it is there are lots of ‘real world’ problems with 40k armours of all stripes but i think they look pretty damn good as they are.
            can i ask what are you basing your opinion on when you say no one is talking about straight up realism?
            40k has always been over the top. it is what i liked about it.

        • PrimoFederalist

          Actually, if you knew what you were talking about, you would know that females in the military and law enforcement have been requesting a protective vest designed with female anatomy in mind for years now. They find the standard plates uncomfortable because, guess what, a flat plate designed for a male chest can be unpleasant to wear when it doesn’t accommodate the female bust. They also prefer a more svelte/form-fitting and less bulky design.

  • eMtoN

    Very well done. Nice.

  • piglette


  • Snord

    I kind of agree with this. The ‘boob armour’ look was based on historical fashions.
    Blanche didn’t sexualise female figures, but he didn’t shy from adding distinctively ‘female’ features (such as high heels and make-up). I think this (impressive) costume actually demonstrates how cool it looks. This woman is obviously comfortable wearing it, and she looks great. The care and attention to detail she’s put into the whole outfit is amazing.

  • Matt C

    I really like the Wonder Woman cosplay. Actually I like it more than the Sisters costume.

  • Kritarion

    Wow, someone is angry about book armour being impractical

  • Vepr

    Great costumes. I am always delighted by the talent and passion people have for their hobbies.

    There is nothing wrong with having the discussion that I knew would brew up with this but I always find it odd that we get into discussions of reality for things like armor. Small touches of reality can add to the suspension of disbelief, backstory, and visceral feel of a game but in the end there are Aliens, Demons, and a penchant for people in Gothic power armor to run around with swords. The armor of the Sisters doesn’t seem any more odd than Inquisitors running around looking like Puritan judges crossed with a Clint Eastwood western character.