FW: More Doors For Your Legion

Forge World has a new batch of Doors for your Space Marine Vehicles!

via Forge World

Raven Guard Land Raider Doors Set 1 £14

Raven Guard Chapter Land Raider Doors Set 2 £14

Raven Guard Rhino Doors and Front Plate Set 1 £14

Raven Guard Rhino Doors and Front Plate Set 2 £14

Raven Guard Legion Deimos Rhino Doors £10

Raven Guard Chapter Repulsor Doors £10

Word Bearers Legion Land Raider Doors £14

Word Bearers Rhino Doors and Front Plate £14

Word Bearers Legion Deimos Rhino Doors £10

Imperial Fists Chapter Repulsor Doors Set 1 £10


Imperial Fists Chapter Repulsor Doors Set 2 £10

Imperial Fists Rhino Doors and Front Plate £14

Imperial Fists Legion Deimos Rhino Doors Set 2 £10

Imperial Fists Land Raider Doors £14

Imperial Fists Land Raider Doors Set 2 £14

Emperor’s Children Rhino Doors and Front Plate £14

Emperor’s Children Land Raider Doors £14

Emperor’s Children Legion Deimos Rhino Doors £10


More Doors from the same forges of Mordor – It’s Forge World!

  • Boondox

    I’m surprised that IF got new doors for every vehicle before UM. Which is great because I have a Crimson Fists army….

    • bad mood

      ? I might be mistaken, but aren’t those just the autocad rereleases and isn’t about anything in the shop now only autocad? Because it shows the UM has all sets already, plus an additional LR set of doors just because, as well as a backdoor for the Rhino? #posterboysgetallthetoys

  • Apocryphus

    I miss when FW did Chaos doors.

    • Brian Griffith

      I dunno about you, but the new Word Bearers doors look plenty chaotic to me.

      • Apocryphus

        Those EC doors are hardly suitable for Chaos though.

        • bad mood

          Every Traitor Legion is getting pre and post heresy doors eventually. That’s 54 sets of doors alone. Right now they have 17 of those plus they are rereleases, so it’s not like you never had the chance to purchase those in the first place. The sense of entitlement is real.

          • Apocryphus

            Thanks for the update, but no need to be rude about it.

  • orionburn III

    I really wish they would have made the Repulsor’s doors the same bloody size as the Land Raider. Would have made their lives easier and given more options for us. :/

    • But less for them to sell. There you go why they changed them.

      • orionburn III

        If you’re going to buy chapter specific doors you’re going to buy them anyway. If I had both a Land Raider and a Repulsor I’m going to buy doors for both, so why not make one door to work on two models? It’s more cost beneficial to them to only have a single mold.

  • Chet Atkinson

    I wish they would make doors that would actually fit the vehicles 😉 Been bitten once by so-called Rhino doors and Land Raider doors that were too big. Sent ’em back for refund

    • Brian Griffith

      The latest door sets are both fresh molds and 3D modeled. That should eliminate most problems with them.

      The older doors were starting to show some mold degradation, so that’s why they’re redoing the whole line.

      • Chet Atkinson

        Hmm might be time to give Fw doors another shot 🙂

      • TenDM

        I brought about half a dozen of the new ones earlier this month and not a single one came even close to fitting. They actually looked great at a glance. No warping or bubbles. Fantastic detail. I was really impressed right up until I did a test fitting.

  • bad mood

    Yes, more doors! Finally more than 160 sets of doors on forgeworld. That’s more than the entire product range of DKoK, elysians and heretic guard combined. whine out

  • I’m not saying these are bad, but I really wish FW would make full kits again and especially Xenos stuff.

  • euansmith

    A-door-able… sorry.