40K: Inquisitor Eisenhorn Rules Highlights

Inquisitor Eisenhorn is coming to aid the Imperium this weekend – come take a look at his rules on the Tabletop!

Games Workshop is bringing the Legendary Inquisitor Eisenhorn to the tabletop as part of the Black Library Celebration. Today, they are showing off his rules for the world to see. Let’s dive in and see what makes this Hero of the Imperium tick!

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Download his rules HERE

The Stats

Eisenhorn looks very similar to other Inquisitors to start – but he’s got an extra point of Leadership over them. That pairs with his Unquestionable Wisdom to give friendly Imperium units within 6″ his leadership. Quarry gives him re-rolls to his hit and wound rolls of 1 against alien enemies and Authority of the Inquisition let’s him ride in any Imperial transport vehicle. So not only will he get to battle in style, he’s going to help when he gets there!

His abilities list is long enough to make a Space Marine Captain jealous as well. No Stranger to Pain gives him a chance to ignore lost wounds on a 6. But the one that takes the cake is undoubtedly Malus Codicium. This ability allows you to “trade-in” your Unquestionable Wisdom to drop in a jacked-up Daemonhost on the field. And incase you’re wondering what that looks like:

The big difference is that you’re going to add “Character” to it’s keyword list (with all the boosts that entails) and you’ll bump the Strength, Toughness, Wounds AND Attacks by 2! And on top of that, you’ll also get to add 1 to it’s Hit, Wound and Invulnerable save Rolls as long as it stays within 6″ of Eisenhorn! So yeah, that’s a nice surprise to drop in there…

But that’s enough about his buddy – let’s get back to the rest of his toolbox. In terms of weapons he’s got a lot of utility. An Artificer Bolt Pistol is no joke with it’s -1 AP and 2 Damage. Electrobane Grenades have a good shot at putting Mortal Wounds on a vehicle in addition to any other damage. And his Melee attacks aren’t bad either. The Barbarisater is pretty deadly and accurate (even if it’s only str 3). And the Runestaff is a bit beefier and still gives you a -1 AP with D3 damage.

If that’s not enough Inquisitor Eisenhorn is a Psyker as well. He can use 2 powers a turn and attempt to deny 2 as well! He knows Smite and 2 powers from the Telethesia discipline. And the best part about all of this: Eisenhorn clocks in at 100 points. (Daemonhost cost reserve points).

If you’d like to get some more ideas on how to use him in your list, you can read the full article from Games Workshop HERE. I think he’s a steal and really brings some excellent stuff to the tabletop. If nothing else, he’s got one more Smite to drop – and a Daemonhost buddy that will rip things to shreds!


Are you excited about the prospect of Eisenhorn on the tabletop? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • David Ashworth

    Sorry for being a noob, but how do you roll for a save of 7+?

    • J Mad

      Its so you can have a modified save. Cover gives +1 for an example. If you had no saves at all then you can not modify the save. So Some units GW wants to be able to get to a save via Cover, Stratagems, Powers, but they dont want them to start with a save.

      • David Ashworth

        Ah, I see. Thanks

        • orionburn III

          It’s also why it’s stressed that any modifiers get applied AFTER the roll. Doesn’t seem important at first but it’s a significant change from how things worked in 7th edition vs. 8th.

  • chris harrison

    So, maybe his standard psychic power that he used frequently to impose his will on others is in the telepathica discipline? Or maybe its more appropriate to an RPG?

    • Telethesia has the “Terrify” and “Dominate” powers. The latter allows you to force an enemy model to make an attack or fire a weapon against a target of your choosing.

  • Bootneck

    Fun from a fluff point of view but realistically no one with any sense would bother with him.

    100pts, T3, W5, no invul save, he’s going to get dead very quickly by some sniper type weapons or other assassination type skills.

    • Kabal1te

      Depends on the gamer, I know an inquisition player that is looking forward to putting this on the table top for the fun of it.

      • AmorousBadger

        What is this ‘fun’ of which you speak?

    • Ulrik

      I will play him. But yeah, Im not WAA…sorry, wanted to say “competetive player”.

    • LankTank

      Really? Psyker that can cast 2 power, Has the best protection the game offeres (character) with the ability to instantly make another character between him and the enemy to prevent being targeted at the beginning of EITHER turn? Seems pretty resilient just by that before you even start considering the harassment shenanigans he can do. And all said and done, he is a psyker, 100 pts for 2 casts and 2 denies is always worth it. Malefic lords with 1 cast are 80 pts. I think he is a steal

  • Ty Hayden

    Why does he have Barbarisater on his card if he is modeled with his lightsaber?

    • Liam Parker

      I think you’re mistaking the rod he’s holding for Barbarisater. If you look, you can see the hilt of his sword beside his bolt pistol holster. It’s clearly got a scabbard, so it has a blade, unlike the ‘lightsaber’. That said, I’m pretty sure it’s too short to actually be Barbarisater, which from memory was very long, but that’s a different issue.

      • Ty Hayden

        I could have sworn the thing on his back was his runestaff. I didn’t see the sword and sheath until I looked at the larger picture, so good catch. I still feel like they are mixing up his wargear a bit. Still, it is a nice model and I might have to pick him up, I enjoyed the Eisenhorn series.

        • Liam Parker

          Yeah, the runestaff is on his back. I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that in his original rules in Inquisitor he had a null rod, which the Clint Langley artwork the model is based on reflects.

          I read the designer’s notes for the miniature in this month’s WD, and the sculptor talks about how they deliberately decided to make his equipment a bit of a mishmash of his most iconic gear.

  • autonoise

    I like it, he’s very fluffy, losing the unquestionable wisdom when he summons the daemonhost is a nice touch as is the +1 to hit on Barbarisater (but I think strength +1 would have been appropriate rather than st 3). I’ll find a place for him in some games, particularly as part of a supreme command detachment that can represent his retinue

  • ElementofOne

    It’s J. Jonah Jamehorn

    • euansmith

      “+1 to hit any unit with the “Spider” keyword.”

  • Roman Himmelhan

    what the miniature is completely missing is the exoskeleton Eisenhorn is using to be kept upright at all. The picture that the miniature is based on is featuring it if you look closely. Also, i do think that the non-GW guy did a better miniature than GW did, his is a bit slender and the weapon is looking like it would be able to fit into the holster. Too bad the GW mini does not look that good. And crappy finecast… Meh, still nice that GW has given Eisenhorn some attention. Now let’s wait for a reappearance of Ciaphas Cain as well. (Yeah, i know, the other dude has made one for him as well, sipping his beloved tanna leaf tea… 😉 )