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Wrath and Glory, everyone’s favorite broadly inclusive 40K RPG system, has a preview comic up that showcases their upcoming quickstart guide.

Wrath and Glory is coming to Free RPG Day this year–which is fairly exciting, because not only is that in June, but the fact that they’ll have a quickstart guide ready that…quickly…means that we should be seeing the full version coming not long after. And the more I see about Wrath and Glory, the more excited I am to see how it all fits together. And I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how 40K Grab Bag parties would work together, but after seeing this intro comic–I’m into it. Check it out:

via Warhammer Community/Ulisses

Published by Ulisses, this game will allow you to immerse yourself in the Warhammer 40,000 setting as you explore mysteries and battle fearsome foes – but don’t take our word for it. Ulisses have worked with ace artist Sarah Kaiser (whose work you may know from her webcomic Eagle Ordinary, or from right here on Warhammer Community!) to produce an ongoing comic tutorial for the game, titled Rites of Instruction. This showcases a detailed adventure featuring four characters, along with plenty of examples of the game mechanics. Check out the first four pages here, as four brave Imperial heroes investigate an abandoned facility on a frozen world.

So right away we get a look at four of the possible things to be–Guardsperson, Commisar, Admech…I wanna say Enginseer?…and Space Marine Scout. If I had to guess I’d say that means each of these is a Tier 1 type Hero. The other big takeaway is the basic mechanic, which we’ve covered before, but: assemble a pool of dice, roll them vs. a target number 4+ is a success, with 6 counting as 2 successes. Pretty straightforward. But what really gets interesting is how the game handles failure…take a look below for a little on Failing Forward.

And of course you see how you can shift over extra 6’s for special cool time fun effects. I wonder if there are more we’ll see based on skill or task or something–I don’t know how shooting a bolter might go Quicker, for instance.

And the whole thing leaves off with a setup for

So that’s a pretty good setup for the game–this is only the first four pages. But we’ll be seeing more of it in the coming weeks, and as mentioned, you can pick up your copy of the Quickstart and hop into the Grimdark come Free RPG Day. So keep an eye out for it folks.

The most important rule will be the limit on “don’t turn around”s whenever someone is playing a Commissar (in town).

  • Xavier Moriarty

    I GD love it how BOLS keeps talking like there’s never been a 40k RPG – “And I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how 40K Grab Bag parties would work together” – yeah, because Dark Heresy DOESN’T have rules to make a. an Inquisitor b. a Guardsman c. a Grey Knight d. an Assassin e. a Sister of Battle e. a Tech Priest; plus all the systems can cross covert….

    • Stefan Pietraszak

      DH is more focused than W&G. It provided clear goals and motivations, while W&G is much more … random? I think that was the point.

      That said, personally I’m not convinced by this intro. I’ll take DH (or, better yet, RT) any day.

      • ZeeLobby

        Random. Something GW does like no other XD.

        • Kabal1te

          I am hoping this comic is just a showcase piece of what is possible which is why it is such a mixed bag. Otherwise I have no idea what a space marine is doing working with a rogue trader.

          • Mike Salamandrin

            There is a couple fluff stories about commissars, Inquisitors, space marines, and members of the admech getting transport on ships belonging to other imperial agencies.

    • EnTyme

      If you ever tried to run a mixed game in the DH system, you probably know that the only way to describe such an endeavor involves the word “cluster”.

    • mac40k

      GW originally intended to release only three games that showcased different aspects of the setting that dealt with different “power levels” of play. While that expanded after FFG got the license resulting in more games, each game introduced new rules that were needed to support the individual game’s theme, but were sometimes incompatible with rules from the other games. It was never a design goal to allow for (to borrow a popular BoLS term) soup games, and although many tried, it was not at all as easy as you allude to it being. FFG’s inherited system was never intended to be a generic universal system that could freely mix characters within a party from the wealth of options provided by the IP.

      You are correct that many fans continue to clamor for just that, while maintaining balance such that higher powered characters don’t overshadow other PC’s. W&G seems to have as a big one of it’s design goals to support this and will supposedly include rules to make that possible. It remains to be seen how successful they will be in that regard, but they also seem to be hedging their bets by stating that W&G provides the basic framework for games set in the 40k IP, but future releases will have a more narrow focus showcasing a single aspect of that IP (just like the FFG games did and the Black Library novels continue to do), whether it’s an Inquisitor’s band hunting Chaos, Ork freebooters plundering worlds, or competing gangs of Dark Eldar biker racers.

      The comic features 4 characters who, for a start, are all members of the Imperium (yet again), who appear to be of the same power level or at least relatively close. The SM Scout is providing the Ranger duties, the AM is the techie, the Commisar is the Face taking the lead on interacting with the just discovered NPC (and probably provides support capabilities in combat through buffs rather than the traditional “run and I’ll shoot you in the back” variety), while the Guardsman (who hasn’t done anything up to this point) is the traditional Fighter type that just wants to be good at combat and leave the RP’ing to the other players.

      OTOH, that’s for the best if they want to be able to attract new players and those whose only interaction with 40k is through video games and thus not steeped in the lore like a grognard 40k player who rapidly devours Black Library novels on a regular basis is. As much as those people want to be able to play an Ork, an Aeldarii, or a T’au character, my guess is it will be more likely that the expansions will cater to these more with the expectation that the entire party will be playing the same faction rather than encouraging cross pollination between those settings, as that would often end up in a ridiculous premise that makes a mockery of the IP to justify why those characters would band together in the first place, let alone remain together.

    • Fobhopper

      Inquisitor would like to have a word with you. Then Dark Heresy, and then we can get to W&G.

  • Allerka

    I love how this is basically the exact same article posted two weeks ago, just with two more pages of the comic added. Great job on continuing to produce fresh content, BoLS!

    • HeadHunter

      And I love how people have this attitude but continue to follow the page and complain on every thread. What’s the matter, not enough attention elsewhere?

  • Xodis

    Im still not sold on the mechanics, but since I love RPGs Ill probably end up getting it anyways. Worst case scenario is I pull most of the content and abilities and use them in GENESYS 40K.

    • EnTyme

      I’m willing to give it a chance, but I’m not sold either. Mixed parties never seemed to work well in FFG RPG, so I’m not confident in an RPG being able to balance a Space Marine with a Guardsman with a Farseer.

  • Mike Salamandrin

    My only gripe is the obvious skitarii ranger, with a galvanic rifle magnetized to his back, somehow confuses people and the think he is a lazily drawn techpreist

  • Jared Jeanquart

    If I do use these rules, I’ll be using them to run Dark Heresy

  • MKG35

    Whatever happened to plain old dice? so many icons and weird things added seemingly to make the system different for different’s sake. Grognards for ever.

    • Harthelion

      What? they are the same 6 sided dice. The Icon thing is just how you count 6s or 5s .-.