40K: Unboxing the Adeptus Custodes Waves 1 & 2

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The Adeptus Custodes are released, and today we take a look at the models in their faction.

That’s right friends. Those good golden boys are out in full force now, meaning you can make an entirely custodes army if you wanted. Whether it’s the Custodian Guard, the Allarus Terminators, the Vertus Praetors, or just the lowly custody contempt or dreadnought, these forces finally have everything in them to fill put a force or chart. Take a look!

First up we have the Vertus Praetors and Captain-General-Leftenant-Major Trajann Valoris, both of whom we’ve had a chance to take a brief look at before. Valoris, in particular, is a great buffing unit for a Custodes force. With his ability to let nearby Custodes reroll hit and wounds of 1’s, he’ll ensure that your hits are really following through where it counts.

This really comes in handy against high toughness/high wound models, because Custodes can, on occasion, have trouble dealing enough wounds to matter. But then there’s wave 2, which finishes out the model line so you can field whatever Custodes you need to.

Again, this army is going to be a low model count army. When we played with the Custodes on our stream, that army lived and died by how effectively they could leverage their Custodes Guard. That unit was capable of soaking up a ton of firepower, and felt incredibly elite.

And those were just the baseline troops. Nevermind the increased stopping power of axe-wielding allarus or what have you. That’s one thing this army really nails–they feel elite. It takes a lot of effort to deal with these guys, and even as you chip away at them, it takes a lot for them to feel it. Especially with efficiency boosters like the Vexilla models there to grant extra attacks, in addition to their other benefits.

They are, after all, an imperial army, and love their buffing characters as much as the next list. Still, we really enjoyed playing with these models. They’re gorgeous and hit like a ton of bricks.  Even if there’s only 22 of them on the table.

Thank you for being a gua-ard…

  • SilentPony

    Am I the only one who is getting tired of even more elite Marines? Just, jeez…I grant Space Marines are iconic, but how many more levels of even MOAR ELITE can we go?

    • Mr.Gold

      at least 10 more levels…

      • euansmith

        I’ve heard that the Adeptus Spledidus go all the way up to eleven.

    • Slippy

      Thank you!
      I was just having the exact same discussion with a friend.
      It leads to inflation of the marine concept.

      • SilentPony

        Especially at a time when the Imperium is supposed to be at its worst since the Heresy. They could at least introduce a new Xenos race or something.

        • NNextremNN

          Why? The already existing Xenos are already underrepresented. So why come up with another underrepresented faction without any allies?

    • HeadHunter

      Thankfully, they’re not Marines.

    • generalchaos34

      heres the thing, marines are kind under represented compared to the fluff, since they are easily killed by lasguns theres days, when they should be walking tanks taking on hundreds of foes. Im all for the elite-ing of marines if it makes them more than just cannon fodder for hordes. Primaris is the ideal of what a standard marine SHOULD be in the fluff in terms of survivability and damage.

      • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

        Eh, keep in mind that most of the “Movie Marine” vibe is because when we see Space Marines in the fluff, they’re typically having Big Damn Hero moments, and Big Damn Heroes have 6s on four sides of their dice. It’d be strange to make those exceptional cases statistically likely.

      • plasticvicar

        Even in the fluff Marines are not always absurdly powerful, a PDF auxilliary felled a full blown Night Lord with a single well aimed lasgun shot to the eye lens in Pharos and in The Voice a loyalist Death Guard was killed after being swarmed by a fanatical mob of civilians who eventually managed to wrench off his helmet.

        Marines are elite but circumstance and bad luck can still kill them all the same.

    • Aura1

      To be fair, they didn’t just invent Custodes, they’ve been part of the background and aesthetic of 40K about as long as it’s been going (unlike Primaris) getting to play them now has been on a lot of wishlists for a long time (I’m deeply sorry this doesn’t appeal to you personally, of course). No idea why they should invent and shoehorn in another xenos race that, like the Tau, will end up playing no part in the overall story meta and just be given a few broken units to sell them on release. The Custodians play very differently than marine forces. It may be poorly written but the article does capture the idea that it’s an ultra elite force trading off incredible stats for limited model counts. In an era of hordes, I’m all for a 22 count army once in a while.

      • SilentPony

        But it would play into the canon of the game. In 8th, the story is that the Imperium has been cut in half, half of all Marine chapters have been destroyed, the Imperium is hemorrhaging planets and trillions every day, Chaos is everywhere, and Xenos are rising from the dark to claim humanity.
        And the board game is an entirely new Super Elite Imperium army to go along with the Super Duper Mega Elite Army released too.
        If the model ranges and rules are anything to go by, the Imperium is doing better than ever. Which is the exact opposite of what the story is supposed to be.

        • briandavion

          except the canon of the game is also that with things grimer then ever the IoM is basicly calling on it’s emergancy reserves. which includes the custodes

          • SilentPony

            But its lazy. The story went from 7th, Cadia is gone, the Warp is everywhere, all the Marines are dead, there are so many Daemons even the Orks are teaming up with Humans to fight them, Magnus is on Luna, and Khorne himself is besieging Terra.
            Jump cut to 8th, 100 years later, and everything is fine. We got new, better Marines, newer even more better Ultra class Marines, simply using Emperor geneseed instead, and Chaos is on the run.

            GW skipped all the fun parts, cutting to the end of the Indomitus crusade, and just sold Primaris and Custodes, without ever having even a campaign where the Imperium is on a back foot.
            So we never had a time when it felt like the Imperium was crumbling. Tuesday everything was terrible, Wednesday everything was great, buy Primaris.

          • briandavion

            except the IoM IS on the back foot still things are worse now then they’ve ever been.

          • SilentPony

            …except for the new tanks, Marines, characters, jetbikes and Custodes. Yeah, apart from that, and only 1 new enemy army, that’s really just an expansion of an already established army.

        • Aura1

          I agree about the Primaris, it was a missed chance to make things grim and dark for the Imperium. I don’t count the Custodians as the issue though. It’s a totally different kind of force and a fun challenge whilst operating within the canon of all hands on deck. I would have preferred the Custodians to be the only ultra elite force above Primaris (models sales requirements in search of a reason). I don’t think you can count the Custodians as marines however – it’s as separate as the Ad Mech.

  • jetjockey18

    Holy Emperor’s balls, were you completely trashed when you wrote this? Look at that first paragraph! Good golden boys? lowly custody contempt or dreadnought? have everything in them to fill put a force or chart?

    For the sake of all our minds, PLEASE proofread before you submit.

    • Kabal1te

      It reads like a post typed on a phone with ornery autocorrect that no one bothered to read over for errors before it was submitted.

  • Warrior24_7

    I expect to see a lot of these armies, so I’m building a DE army to “easily” rip it apart.