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40K: Captain-General Trajann Valoris Unboxing

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Jan 27 2018

The Custodes Head Hancho is out for and about this week from Games Workshop – come take a look inside the box!

When it comes to the Custodes, someone has to be the top guard dawg of the Emperor and that is none other than Captain-General Trajann Valoris:


The model itself is pretty much what you’d expect from Games Workshop at this point. It’s all impressively detailed and fits perfectly together. All the seams on the model are also hidden as GW has been known to do with their new kits. But it’s an impressive mix of detail and materials that brings this kit together – the cape has an Imperial Aquilla etched on it!

Now it is a single pose model but that’s the trade off for the excellent fit. Because it only fits together one way, the model designers are able to carve it up in a manner that hides all the cuts. Once this model is assembled (if you do it right) you really can’t tell where one piece starts and another starts. Trajann is also a bit of a beat stick in combat, too. While he’s not Guilliman, he’s pretty darn close and can go toe-to-toe with any other HQ choice out there.


If you’re starting or collecting an Adeptus Custodes army, you’re probably going to want to pick this model up if for nothing else to use as your primary HQ. He manages to stand out on the tabletop compared to the OTHER golden warriors of the Emperor. Trajann Valoris is out and in stores now!

Captain-General Trajann Valoris $35

The office of Captain-General is one of the most powerful military appointments in the Imperium. It confers full responsibility for the overall defence of the Sol System, Terra, the Imperial Palace and, ultimately, the Golden Throne and the Emperor himself. Many claim that Trajann Valoris is the greatest warrior to hold the title of Captain-General since the Emperor strode the stars, having proven himself to be dynamic and effective; qualities that make him ideally suite to lead in this age of unprecedented aggression.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Captain-General Trajann Valoris. His armour is elaborate and eye-catching even amongst his Custodes brothers – he wears the Castellan Plate, an ancient suit of powered armour that incorporates a heraldic tilting plate adorned with an eagle’s head emblem and large feathers. This includes a striking cloak made from the hide of a lion, woven through with adamantine thread – the lion’s head and front paws are draped dramatically over his right shoulder. An auramite halo frames his scowling face, and the whole suit is covered in the kind of ornate, sculpted details that set the Adeptus Custodes apart from other Imperial warriors – eagles, gemstones and filigree litter every surface. His main weapon held in his right hand is the Watcher’s Axe, an enormous polearm which incorporates a ferocious master-crafted bolt weapon known as the Eagle’s Scream; he also carries a misericordia and an ancient relic on his belt known as the Moment Shackle.

This kit comes as 19 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.



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Author: Adam Harrison
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