Geekery: Evolution Gets Twisted in New ‘Annihilation’ Trailer

Area X is even weirder than past trailers have revealed.

Ex Machina director Alex Garland returns to the screen with a mystery filled sci-fi thriller. The movie is based on Jeff VanderMeer’s Nubula Award winning novel – Garland adapted it for the screen. It is the first of his Southern Reach trilogy.

A team of scientists is sent into an area that’s been taken over by an unknown force. Natalie Portman plays the biologist, Jennifer Jason Leigh is the psychologist, Tessa Thompson is the surveyor, and Gina Rodriguez is the anthropologist. Tuva Novotny‘s role is unknown, but she is with the team that enters the shimmer.

In this brief look it becomes clear that Portman’s character is greatly affected by whatever is affecting Area X.

Annihilation premieres February 23. If you live outside the US you’ll be able to watch it on Netflix 17 days after the US release.

  • EnTyme

    I’ve intentionally avoided as much info about Annihilation as I can. This looks very unique. Can’t wait to see it!

  • sniperjack

    But why now on netflix? This looks to be the end of inventive non-blockbuster-movies for me.

    • Big Fat Fred

      How so?

      • Andy Wise

        Thanks for that. So in summary Paramount figured that people are generally too stupid to want to watch the film?

        • That’s what is being said. Not everyone is going to grock with a hard sci-fi story that doesn’t provide all the answers they want when they want them. I’m hopeful that it’s good movie for the target audience – the trailers make it look fantastic.

          • Andy Wise

            I’m just glad that there’s some decent intelligent stuff out there.

            Nice shout out for stranger in a strange land btw

  • eMtoN

    Looks cool. Tbh, I’d rather all movies just go straight to Netflix, Hulu or amazon. I hate going to the theater.