40K RUMOR: T’au Info Dump

The T’au Codex goes up for Pre-Order March 10th, but someone is teasing that they already have seen a copy…

T’au players, I hope your water caste brought the salt with them because we’ve got some new “rules” rumors that are making the rounds. So pull out your best battlesuits and let’s dive in!

Perfect for all your latest rumor needs!

via xxhikaru123 (dakkadakka)

Warlord Traits

1) reroll wounds 1 against Monster or Vehicles
2) your shooting phase, pick a visible enemy unit to your warlord, each time any friendly <sept> unit within 6′ of warlord makes a wound roll of 6, add 1 to AP of attack
3) Add 6 to Advance instead of rolling dice.
4) If warlord within 12′ of enemy unit at start of shooting phase, you can reroll hits for your warlord until end of phase.
5) reroll hits for warlord, if they have not moved this turn. if they move for any reason, they lose the trait until the start of next turn.
6) warlord can advance and shoot as if he hasn’t advanced.

Sept Warlord Traits
Tau : 5+ save against Mortal Wounds
Vior’la : If warlord has master of war, Volley Fire or Failure is Not an Option ability, the range increased to 9″. additionally, if your army is battleforged, +1 command pt
Dal’yth: While within 12″ of Warlord, friendly Kroot and Vespid units gain For The Greater Good ability
Sa‘cea: Friendly Sa‘cea unit within 6″ of warlord, reduce the number of model that flee as a result of morale by 1
Bork’an: For each hit roll made by warlord, +1 to wound for that hit
Farsight: Warlord can perform 6″ heroic intervention. Additionally, if your warlord has charged , was charged or heroic intervened, until end of phase, can reroll hits.

Sept Traits:
Tau: Overwatch on a 5 regardless of firing model BS or any modifiers.
Vior’la : Treats all RF weapons as assault weapons (RF 1 treated as assault 1). Additionally, no penalty to advance and fire the assault weapons.
Dal’yth : Unit that does not manta strike, move , fall back, charge , pile in or consolidate this turn may claim the benefit of cover even while in the open.
Sa‘cea: +1 LD, Additionally, in shooting phase, you can reroll a single failed hit roll for each Sa‘cea unit
Bork’an : Add 6″ to maximum range of any Rapid Fire and Heavy weapon they are armed with.
Farsight: Reroll wounds of 1 against models that are within 6’ of the firing (farsight) model.


In addition, the poster also dropped some info on points drops:

No wound change to riptide .

Riptide points down 24, HBC down 20, Ion Accelerator down 42.

Gun Drones +4
Shield Drones +2
Marker Drones same.

Broadside -20 HRR -27 HYMP -16 SMS-5
Skyray -19 Hammerhead -17

Again, these are unconfirmed so they might be wrong, mistranslated, or someone is just flat out messing with folks. However, let’s assume these are partially accurate. That poses some interesting questions for T’au Players out there! Furthermore, it makes us wonder if their Markerlight table has been tweaked at all. So many more questions than answers…


Well T’au Players – if these are real, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Jason Bingham

    hikaru has been 100%. if he posts it, it’s truth

    source: Thousand Sons info he provided early

    • Son_of_Corax_XIX

      So presenting some info right once means your a sevant to be blindly followed and believed?
      Maybe he can give me the lottery numbers also since he’s always 100% right?

  • Darkcat

    I like the Bork’an Sept Trait. More range is all ways good.

    • Marcus Clark

      only vs non assault armys

      • wilkes89

        Even against assault armys that trait is brutal. 14” range on a y’vahra plasma flamer? yes please. no more charging me from 9” for you

  • Danny Roy

    I’m glad my Vior’la T’au have the best stuff IMHO 😉

    • Danny Roy

      Vior’La Breachers!!!

      • Koen Diepen Van

        I don´t know the trait murders fire warriors. 8 points for a single s5 shot is really really bad.

        • That’s what I was thinking. Rather have the rapid fire instead.

          • Graham Bartram

            I would rather change any assault weapons to RF to be honest. BC’s at RF4, yes please. … ..but RF to assault, crazy bad idea.

        • Pathfinders as well. Rail and ion rifles lose rapid fire, too. As do the crisis plasma weapons

        • Ronin

          We’ll see, but maybe what they meant by the trait was you can choose to treat it as assault or rapid fire.

          • Nazdreg

            The only positive effect is, that you can advance and shoot without penalties. In all other cases, rapid fire is just better or not worse.

  • bad mood

    bols crew might want to take note that the meaning of “salt” is slowly changing from “take it with a pich of salt” to “the salty tears of whiney butthurt people” in the internet culture.

  • Chris Feazel-Orr

    If this is the extent of the T’au changes, then we still aren’t competitively viable. The drone nerfs make us even less so.

    • Koen Diepen Van

      If this is it yea Tau are really bad.

    • Farseerer

      This is clearly not the extent of the changes.

  • Sniddy

    125 ish point for a rail rifle is Ok, but not great at bs4, 250 points for a a burst, double missile riptide is still too much especially at Bs4

    So far I may as well be taking the Tau putting them in a box and mark it ‘do not open till 9th’

    Right now I can see this failing as they really don’t get Tau

    A Shooty army that can’t shoot, can only act well in one phase and needs to invest heavily in fragile support to get what other armies get much easier (Bs3 and re-rolls 1s)

    I mean we fairly give up close combat, have nothing in the pys phase and we pay heavy points for sub par shooting and 1 shot tanks?

    Yeh I’m REALLY expecting this to completely fail to save Tau in any sense of the word – but until we get the whole picture I can’t judge but I think the problem is too big the over nerf too huge and the army lacks a real ‘it’ that makes it a viable army even at casual level

    • LankTank

      Most armies these days are really being made by the stratagems though. That’s the clincher

    • Anggul

      There’s really no way to judge from this. For all we know they could have seriously buffed the weapons of the Riptide, and totally changed a number of units.

      • Sniddy

        As I said until we get the whole picture I can’t judge I just think the way they’ve set Tau up and as such view Tau means I can’t see them changing it enough or well enough to fix them – hope I’m wrong

  • Robert Baker

    Dal’yth Broadsides with Kroot+Aun’shi screening along with maaaaybe Pathfinders and some other niceties for a well-defended backline that can combine with T’au running Devilfish units mixed with stealth suits, pathfinders, and kroot for top-tier board control and mobility that can fight back and provide insane defense in-depth…. mmmmmm mmmmm

    • Whelk

      Shame that Aun’shi is from Vior’la…

      • Anggul

        His lore has always had him as wandering all over the place though, even to the Farsight Enclaves, so hopefully they’ll respect that lore and let him be in any detachment.

        • ellobouk

          thus far special characters in other codices have all been specifically restricted to their subfaction, about the only one I know of that isn’t is Yarrik, and that’s mostly because commissars don’t get

          • Geronimo32509

            That isn’t true. Tyranid special characters such as the Swarmlord and Old One Eye are able to be used by any hive fleet.

          • ellobouk

            my mistake then, wasn’t aware the tyranid ones were allowed all over.

          • ellobouk

            my mistake then, wasn’t aware the tyranid ones were allowed all over.

          • Bootneck

            Although the SL is shown as a special character, he is not.

            He is just another adaptation of a Hive fleet as is spawned where ever it is needed by any fleet, technically speaking its just a unique unit but there can be many existences/time lines.

            Where as any normal special character can technically only exist within there “life time”.

            When a SL dies a new one can be spawned.

          • Geronimo32509

            Fluff-wise, sure. We were talking about rules though.

  • Spacefrisian

    Lots of copy paste on army faction traits, aint that hard to figure out.

    Expect the relic thing, the 3 Hammerheads linking up, broadsides with no penalty on shooting for moving , the Skyrays combining and the 1 unit in ambush reserves as well.

    And colony drop obviously, have to stick to the inspiration material right?

    • Koen Diepen Van

      You know what i like. The fact that the things they coppied are worse then the original.
      `Your shooting phase, pick a visible enemy unit to your warlord, each time any friendly unit within 6′ of warlord makes a wound roll of 6, add 1 to AP of attack.`Like the marine warlord trait but worse.

      Dal’yth : Unit that does not manta strike, move , fall back, charge , pile in or consolidate this turn may claim the benefit of cover even while in the open.
      Like the Tyranid one but way worse.

      I think GW thinks they sold enough Tau.

      • It’s different for every army– a tau army that barely moves is par for the course. For nids- not so much

        • Koen Diepen Van

          Well it is part of the course now. 7th not so much. Gw murdered tau into the ground. It’s basically IG manga editions. Also worse.

  • Ninety

    Well, if true, this is rather disappointing. I’ll withhold judgment till I have the actual Codex, but it’s not looking bright unless the stratagems are out of this world.

  • Vanders

    This is kind of irrelevant, but does anyone get annoyed that they changed the Sept name to Tau from T’au while all the other septs have an apostrophe? I just can’t unsee it.

    • NNextremNN

      They renamed the whole faction/race for copyright/trademark reasons it’s the same with eldar.

      • Vanders

        Ja, and it’s stupidly unnecessary.

        • Koen Diepen Van

          Also pointless. I mean by their own admission. Ppl are now free to sell Tau figures.

    • Graham Bartram

      It is a bit m’uch.

  • Crevab

    One thing that I haven’t seen discussed much is, what’s happening in the lore? Except for Farsight, Tau have a shorter lifespan than humans and no life extending treatment.

    What are we gonna get, “group discount on cryo sleep” “it’s always been >current millenium<"? I doubt we're getting a new cast of characters

    • bad mood

      considering that the events of 8th take place 200+ years in the new millenium and thereby any and all IG characters are dead or trapped in a maze: You still get the old characters.

    • Thyran204

      I brought this up the other day. Shadowsun has a legit fluff reason to still be alive, and it could be a cool transition into Kais showing up.

  • Drpx

    WHERE’S MY -1 TO HIT?!?!

    • Graham Bartram

      “Dal’yth : Unit that does not manta strike, move , fall back, charge , pile in or consolidate this turn may claim the benefit of cover even while in the open.” ……. like asking for a slice of cake and getting a stale bread roll.

  • marxlives

    Heck ya.

  • Matthias Venghaus

    Nothing new about the “jet pack” rule ?
    Still no advantage ? No PSI, no Close Combat.. so the TAU are top dog in shooting ?? Sure not.
    Were are the the formers gadgets which made the TAU so unique ?
    No more jet pack. No more dominating in firepower. No more steahlty hiding.. just a normal army, expensive in battlesuits, useless in transports and fast attack, and poor in range over 36″.
    i really hoped the’d give TAU gamers a new hope but only some point reduction.

    • Koen Diepen Van

      And then in 5 year the army gets canned because it doesn´t sell well.