Geekery: The Second Season of ‘Legion’ Looks Super Trippy

… more so than last season. I didn’t think that was possible for a basic cable show.

The most unabashedly weird show on TV is returning on April 3rd. We got a Lenny filled teaser a few weeks ago that aimed to push audiences’ understanding of the boundaries of reality and time. The new trailer shows just how far we’ll be pushed. The universe from season one is taken to new realms of odd with some really gorgeous visuals.

The conflict between the Shadow King and David looks like it’s coming to a boil this season, and the mutants are going to have to join with Division III to stop the growing threat.

If you were hoping for more dance numbers, you are in luck – it looks like we’ll be getting at least one, and it looks like a dance battle of some sort.

While watching the first season I kept wondering who was the first at FX to say yes to the show when it was pitched. It’s really unconventional, and it asks a lot of its audience – two things TV execs tend to avoid, especially networks that aren’t in the premium tier. I’m glad we’re getting more of it, and I hope execs and studio heads take more chances on projects like this.

Legion Season 2 premiers on FX April 3rd.

  • euansmith

    I watched episode one of season one and then got distracted by something else. Maybe this is the time for me to give it another go?

    • EnTyme

      It was one of my favorite shows last year. I was disappointed at how short the season was, but I’m assuming Fox wasn’t willing to bet a full season’s budget on such an unusual series. Glad it was as popular as it was. Also, I thought you were English. Don’t you mean “series one”?

      • euansmith

        I use “Season” for American TV and “Series” for UK TV; like mixing up Metric and Imperial Measurements; it is the Great British Way! 😉

        Thanks for the recommendation on the programme, sorry, I mean the show. 😀

    • It’s a series you have to give your full attention to – there’s just so much going on in every scene.

      • Shadowstrife

        I’ve never taken mind-altering substances, but I would gladly fly to Amsterdam just to binge this series in a shroom shop

  • Shadowstrife

    Second-most anticipated series behind Westworld.