HOBBY: Spin Casting Minis with BoLS

Learn all about spin casting miniatures with Jennifer, and Benson from Mindworm Games.

We all love playing with minis, but today learn exactly how they are made, and spincast a few with Jennifer and Benson from Mindworm Games.

There are so many things I learned while Benson walked us through the entire process. We go from explaining how to produce the rubber molds, to the spincaster and melt pot, to pouring the metal, to finished miniatures!

Check it out and let us know what surprised you the most to learn!

~I was surprised the spinning duration is so short once the metal is poured!


  • Cergorach

    This kind of content I would like to see more of! A lot I already knew, but the silicon spinmolds were welcome information!

  • Erick Earle

    When I went to Nottingham with the wife in 2015, the great people at Warlord and Mantic showed me how everything works and I even got to watch a resin Katiusha being casted! It’s a really interesting process.

  • orionburn III

    Really cool guys. Would be awesome to see somebody like GW let folks in to give a better idea of what goes into injection molding.

    • Craig Archer

      Back when i first went to GW HQ in the 90’s they were still using spincast on the old lead metal miniatures and you could literally look in through windows to see the racks of spin molds and the guys at work on the factory floor.

      Of course everything is now largly plastic. Sadly injection plastic molding is less hands on and far more automated. It’s still interesting as a process but visually less stunning. But for anyone who does want to know there’s always a million videos on youtube of how it works.

  • zeno666

    Really interesting!

    Would like to see how the pros do resincasting.