Tabletop Spotlight: WizKids Wardlings – Starting Adventurers For All Ages

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Wardlings are a line of adventurer miniatures from Wizkids, designed for younger gamers getting into gaming.

What a cool concept. Wardlings are a bunch of prepainted miniatures from from Wizkids. But unlike their Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures, Deep Cuts, or any of the other models they create, these ones are specifically younger adventurers. They still have all of the same things you’d expect to find in a regular adventurer type miniature: there’s a Cleric, a Fighter, a Rogue, etc. And they have weapons or are casting spells–check them out.

This is really neat–anyone who’s gamed knows the importance of finding a miniature that looks like your character. And especially if you’re just getting started, your character often looks a lot like you. Or at least someone you could see yourself being–and these ones are aimed at younger gamers (though they are excellent quality–and as they point out in the video, I could easily see them being used for Halfling Characters or the like.

There’s six figures all in all–but it sounds like they have more on the way. Check them out, we’ve got preview pictures and more linked below. But if you’ve got kids who are just getting into roleplaying games, this is a great gift.

WizKids Wardlings – $7.99

The fledgling adventurers that are a part of the Wardlings product line have a magical ability to see their animal companions, a trait of which only children are capable. These adventurers also gain their powers and abilities at a young age, allowing them to defeat the evil creatures in their world. Their powers, however, are fleeting. As the children grow, they begin to lose their powers over time. When they enter adulthood, most forget they ever adventured in the first place as everyday responsibilities take hold.

Each young adventurer will come pre-painted, fully assembled and packaged with their designated companion, who will assist them through thick and thin.


  • Packs include one character and one companion.

  • Figures come pre-painted and assembled.

  • Clear and easy packaging makes it easy for customers to know exactly what they are getting.

  • Same size/shape packaging as WizKids unpainted line (same form factor).

  • Some miniatures include translucent parts.

Happy adventuring!

  • marxlives

    God prepainted is getting good.

    • Don’t be tricked by these promo pics, Wizkids prepainted minis don’t look anywhere near that good. I have zillions of WIzkids minis and the comparison between the real thing and there pics are light-years apart. That being said, they do just fine if you’re into prepainted. Just make sure you don’t think those promo pics are accurate representations or you’ll be very disappointed.

      • marxlives

        That is true the real model is pretty good but it is not like the render at all.

    • Aaditya Rangan

      Nope. Precolored renders. Very different.
      See Marvolo’s Marvelous Miniatures for a similar presentation. The actual minis have nowhere near the crisp quality illustrated in the renders.

      • marxlives

        Well I am looking at a Wardling in the box right now and its paint job look as good as any tabletop quality paint job I have seen. Could I paint better? Ya. Would it be cool if I didn’t have to in order to have a fully painted army or play against fields of plastic or white metal?

        • Aaditya Rangan

          Great! I’m happy to be wrong about this; I’ll check them out next time I’m by my FLGS.
          – Adi.

          • marxlives

            Oh no man I am not saying you are wrong, I mean the paint job is not as good as the renders but it is almost as good as the prepainted Pathfinder stuff.

    • Pl4gu3 B4st4rd

      *cough* Chinese slaves are getting good at painting *cough cough*