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Star Wars: Destiny New “Way of the Force” Set Announced

The next set of Booster Packs is coming to Star Wars: Destiny! It’s the Way of the Force.

Star Wars: Destiny Qualifier Winning Decks

The Dueling Dust has settled in Portland and two decks walked away victorious! Check out the unbeatable lists!

Star Wars: Destiny Rivals Draft Set Out Now

Drafting comes to Star Wars: Destiny this weekend!

FFG: New Star Wars & Net Runner Releases

Star Wars: Legacies is out now along with a new Data Pack for Netrunner!

SW: Destiny Gets A Format Update

The Holocron Update for Star Wars: Destiny is here. It’s time for formalized constructed play!

SW Destiny: Legacies Red Card Previews

Tarkin, Finn, Rose and Kallus are just a few of the new Red cards previewed for FFG’s Star Wars: Destiny!

SW Destiny: Legacies Yellow Heroes & Villain Preview

Star Wars: Destiny takes a trip to a wretched hive of scum & villainy – Bounty Hunters, Criminals, Warlords & Diplomats ahoy!

Star Wars Destiny: Organized Play Changes Ahead

To keep up with the rapidly expanding Star Wars Destiny, Fantasy Flight Games is changing Organized Play’s structure up.

Tabletop Spotlight: Twilight of the Gods

A new Customizable Card Game has joined the fray – come take a look at Twilight of the Gods in this Tabletop Spotlight!

FFG: Star Wars Destiny – Scoundrels Of Empire At War

Check out the scoundrels, rogues, and roguish scoundrels of Star Wars Destiny’s new Empire at War expansion.

Force Friday: Star Wars Destiny Two-Player Game

Star Wars: Destiny is getting a new Two-Player Starter for Force Friday!

SW: Destiny: Red Characters of Empire at War

Fantasy Flight Games is back with a preview of the Red Cards from the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny Expansion Empire at War!

What's New