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40K Xtreme Close Up – Unboxing the Sicaran Battle Tank

Behold the unboxing of 40k’s Newest Battle Tank, the Sicaran from Forge World.The Sicaran is the first of a new line of battletanks produced by Forge World for games of both Horus Heresy, and Warhammer 40k. Recently an even more extreme tank hunting version was announced, and will be on the way soon. The base Sicaran tank has been […]

40k Unboxing – NEW Fire Raptor from Forge World

It’s finally here! Checkout the unboxing of the Fire Raptor Gunship, Forge World’s newest flyer model.The Fire Raptor is the second Stormraven variant Forge World has released in two years, the first being the Storm Eagle (which you can checkout our review of HERE). This thing has been super anticipated since Forge World leaked previews of it […]

40k Unboxing- Forge World Avenger Strike Fighter

Checkout the newest flyer from Forge World, the Avenger Strike Fighter!Today I’m unboxing the new Avenger Strike Fighter from Forgeworld, and I gotta tell you I really like the look of this thing. I think the reason that it is so appealing to me, is because it borrows so many design elements from other fictional aircraft. I […]

40k Unboxing- Forge World Chaos Decimator Engine

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! Part Deamon, part Dreadnought, all attitude.Today I’m unboxing the Forge World Chaos Decimator Engine, and you would not believe just how far down the rabbit hole the styling on this one goes. While this kit does not have a book yet, it still has a set of pretty sweet experimental rules from Forge World (posted on the item page). The model itself […]

40k Unboxing – Forge World Eldar Revenant Titan

MBG here with some more Eldar Super Heavy lovings.This is the Revenant titan, and it’s younger brother of the biggest titan in existence, the Phantom. Today I’m unboxing  Forge World’s Eldar Revenant Titan for you, and while it’s not over three feet tall like it’s biger brother, it’s still pretty sweet! Recently in conjunction with 6th Edition, […]

40k Unboxing- Forge World Eldar Lynx

Time for some Eldar loving!  Sure in game they can’t even see in the dark, but man they have some hot looking vehicles!Today I’m unboxing the Forge World Eldar Lynx for you, and like I said, this thing is pretty sweet! Recently in conjunction with their Imperial Armor 11 “Doom of Mymera” book, Forge World put out this kit. It’s […]

40k Unboxing- NEW Stormtalon Gunship

Begun, this Summer of Flyers, has.If Yoda was in the 40k universe I’m sure that is what he would say. Well new flyer models have officially been released, and today I’m reviewing the Stormtalon gunship. I also had a very special guest helping me, but I’ll let you watch the video to find out who it is. So […]

40K: The Storm Eagle (Video)

I made a video on the newest flyer to date, the Space Marine Storm Eagle Assault Gunship. Today’s unboxing is on the new Storm Eagle Assault Gunship from Forge World. Recently, Forge World put out this kit I guess to go along with the rumored future release of flyers. The kit comes with multiple weapon […]

40K Unboxing – Necron 2nd Wave (video)

Lets take a look at the latest wave of Necrons that just came out from Games Workshop. The Stalker is the “big daddy” of this wave and comes in the medium sized squad box, with a decal sheet and features three different sprues full of awesome conversion potential. It boasts three different main weapons, (that […]