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Featured Army: Robert’s Mordian Guard

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Oct 03

Today I would like to highlight another local army that has really turned the heads of the Fly Lords. Robert’s Mordian guard army is just a spectacular piece of work. From it’s crisp meticulous paint scheme, to its all metal old-school coolness factor, this army is a pleasure to face both on the tabletop, or just sitting on display. Plus, those nine las-cannons never hurt…

Please take a look, and leave comments for Robert. I’m sure he wants to know what you all think of his work.

Robert is from Grapevine, Texas, but is currently a student of UT, living in Austin, Texas. He’s been playing Warhammer 40K since the release of third edition in the 90s, and owns a 2,000 point Dark Eldar army, an 1,850 point Tau army, a 2,000 point Imperial Guard army, and a 3,000 point Chaos army. One of his favorite armies is his Mordian Imperial Guard army. He started his Mordians because he knew it would be very challenging to paint, but that once it was finally finished, it would be totally unique and an impressive sight to behold. The paint scheme of his army was taken heavily from the dress uniform of the United States Marine Corps, as is fitting for this particular regiment. Robert’s army has had many successes in fighting, and has been to a Chicago GT and other battlefields across the country, from LA to Baltimore. Currently he is working on updating his Thousand Sons army to the new Chaos Codex.

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