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BoLS Commenting Rules


1) Do not share, trade, link to, or distribute in any manner here, any copyright material, without the express written consent of the owner (especially GW stuff).

2) Spam is not tolerated on BoLS. If you spam you will be reported as a spammer to DISQUS and other Spam monitoring agencies, which may result in auto-moderation or subsequent banning upon further infractions.

3) No Unauthorized Advertisement. You must email BoLS ([email protected]) for permission to advertise a website or product. This includes gratuitous and unrelated linkbacks to personal websites.


4) No Prohibited Content: It is prohibited to link to pornography or content that can damage computers or data such as viruses or malware.

5) Each member may have a single DISQUS and a single forum account.

6) Do not use racist slurs, prejudiced comments, profanity, derogatory statements, or hate speech. Evading the language filter by using punctuation marks or purposefully misspelling words is considered an offense.

7) Do not initiate arguments of a personal nature. Be courteous to other users, even if you disagree with someone or believe that they are ill-informed. Refrain from flaming posts or comments. You may argue and debate, but do not make any attacks of a personal nature (including grammar trolling). We strive to make BoLS a place for REASONED discussion amongst fans of the tabletop wargaming universe.

8) Do not hijack threads or make off-topic replies. Please stay on-topic.


9) Do not serial post/double post. Please delete such DISQUS or forum posts if you accidentally create them. Remember that registered DISQUS posters can fully edit and delete past DISQUS comments.


Offending posts will be removed, and moderators reserve the right to ban accounts with no warning.

We’d like to stress: Our community consists of players of all ages and from all walks of life, including minors. Please try to moderate your language. BoLS understands that there are times when there is indeed something that causes so much excitement or grief in you that you just have to blurt out a swear word, but try to keep it to a minimum.

Thank you for reading and respecting our rules, now go have fun.