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Warhammer 30,000 League – Week 3

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Oct 21

The League continues, and the first blows of the Heresy have been struck!

We had over 20 folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Warhammer 30,000 League is well underway. This 3rd week featured larger 2000pt Legion forces against a variety of alien threats, and several hallmark games: Space Wolves continued their assault on Prospero, and Word Bearers have struck at the Ultramatines on Calth! Several Legions have arrived in the Istvaan system, and combat operations have begun. Lets do a quick recap so everyone can see how the Legions held up.

Alpha Legion, Enslavers
The Alpha Legion under the command of Master Arkos, scored a hard fought victory for the Imperium upon the lost empire of Balkus. With its fate unknown for over 5000 years, the vile warp-spawned Enslavers have been cast out of this world forever. Captain Arkos has yet again done a service for the Imperium!
World Status: Compliance

Ultramarines vs Word Bearers
Reports are sketchy at best, but it is said that the Ultramarines were mustering in the Calth system, deep in Ultramar for another crusade, when they were brutally attacked by the Word Bearers! Captain Tyrannis has yet again performed a miracle under fire, and while spaceborne losses are listed as extreme, The Ultramarines have reacted cooly, and beaten back their attackers for now. Calth is described as a blasted ruin, and with Ultramarines defensive lines finally in good order, the Word Bearers are facing an enraged legion looking for vengeance.
World Status: Ultramarine Control

Night Lords vs Lords of Light. (IG)
Again the Night Lords have struck at a previously compliant Imperial world. The Duron system has been a model of compliance, yet the Night Lords have set this culture ablaze in a daring midnight assault. All communications from Duron have gone silent, and Terra fears the worst.
World Status: Devastated by Night Lords

White Scars vs Logos Collective (necrons)

The White Scars have been brought in to reinforce the Imperial Fists line in this bitter campaign into the Iwa system. Here again, the thinking machines were met with arms by the Legions. The White Scars initial probing attacks have been brunted by these thinking machines and the White Scars advance has sputtered to a stop. Losses are said to be high, and the several Reserve Companies have been committed to the campaign by the Great Khan.
World Status: Non Compliance

Prospero II
Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons
This bitter war of annihilation has concluded. With their initial landing sites secures, the Space Wolves have moved onto the methodical destruction of the Red Sorcerers. The campaign has been a success, with the vast majority of the Red Sorcerer Sects crushed. Most of the White Towers of Prospero are in cinders, and the banner of the Space Wolves is flying from the top of the Spire of Magnus! At the climax of the battle, Magnus, Ahriman and his surviving marines escaped from their devastated home world using forbidden witchcraft, but with assistance from the Custodes and Sisters of Silence, this world’s population will finally be brought into compliance.
World Status: Space Wolf Control


Istvaan Extremis
Death Guard, World Eaters vs Agromariners (IGs)
Upon the isolated world of Istvaan Extremis, the Warmaster has ordered several Legions into action. The local PDF forces (the self-styled “Agromariners” have put up a stiff defense, and even the combined arms of two of the mightiest Legions under the joint command of Battle Captain Garro and Captain Kharn have been stalled. In the face of the fanatical PDF troops and their Warsinger leaders, it is clear that more time will be needed. It is said that the Warmaster is upset at this lack or progress, and that Leaders of the rebellious system on Istvaan III will pay a high price for their treachery. Intercepted Agromariner transmission here.
World Status: Non Compliance

Salamanders, Raven Guard vs Kabalite Eldar
Among the urban ruins of Yakuma, two mighty Legions have let a vicious Kabal of Eldar raiders slip out of their trap. Reports are sketchy from this blasted ruin of a planet, but both Legion’s fleets have reported a heavy exodus of Eldar vessels from low orbit, with most successfully running their blockade. Reports from the surface indicate heavy infantry combat and losses are reported to be high.
World Status: Non Compliance

3 Week Summary:
The Legions have all but concluded the Great Crusade, and their latest efforts have turned inwards. Terra reports several Legions appear to be engaged in unauthorized combat operations and there has been no comment on this by the Warmaster.

Standout commanders who are undefeated at this time include:

  • First-Captain Tyranus ~ Ultramarines
  • Night-Captain Wolf ~ Night Lords

Further Week 3 news and updates as they come in…


Next Week: Heresy is declared on Istvaan III…

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