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40K NEWS: Even More GW Apocalypse Datasheets

Nov 13 2007

Hi everybody,

Today GW finally put up that set of 7 new Formation Datasheets for Apocalypse that they pulled down a couple of weeks back.

They include:

  • Terminator Titanhammer Squads
  • Predator Assassin Squadron
  • Chaos Annihilation Force
  • Plague of Zombies
  • Maelstrom of Gore
  • The Great Court of the Young King
  • The Seer Council of Ulthwe

GW Apocalypse datafax website

-It looks like the trend of homages to lists and units lost to the mists of time continue. Apocalypse continues to add formations that use units from lists that have disappeared from the tournament circuit like LaTD plague zombies, and the Court of the Young King. I like where this is going.

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