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RUMOR: Baneblade Formation ~ Apocalypse

Nov 2 2007

Hi All,

A little bird just told the Fly Lords that the upcoming “limited release” Baneblade formation for Apocalypse is reallly, really nasty. This is what we’ve heard:

Baneblade Squadron

150 points plus tanks.

3+ baneblades. (one as command tank)

  • Must be deployed within 12″ of the command tank, or enter from reserve within 12″ – usual formation rules.
  • Combined fire – if they all shoot their main gun at the same target then for each that hit it’s +1 on the catastrophic damage table.
  • The ground quakes – any enemy infantry wishing to assault a baneblade must pass a leadership test PER baneblade within 12″
  • If the command tank is within 12″ and is still mobile the others can ignore gun crew shaken results.

-Yikes, Combined fire sounds just nasty, nasty, nasty! What do you guys think?

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