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SNEAK PEAK: IA Apocalypse Contents

Nov 10 2007

Warseer’s Rictus brings this to the community

Hi everybody,

look what the waters of the Internet have dredged up today. Here we see a shot of the table of contents for Forgeworld’s upcoming Imperial Armor: Apocalypse book. It contains a large amount of Forgeworld standalone products as well a great many new formations.

And the best part: £20 price!!! (for a hardcover)

-That is a very comprehensive listing of Forgeworld products there. I’m thinking that this will be the new “must have” book from them, and further cements Apocalypse into the 40k universe. It has really gotten a good amount of support (much more than say Cities of DEath ever did). I can hardly wait to see what horrific powers the Necron Gauss Pylon Network have… Yikes!

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