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PLAY AID: Macharian Crusade

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Jul 20 2008

OK, everybody, I have something very special today. You’ve all been waiting for it, and at long last it’s here.

Myself, Mkerr, Aventine, Jwolf, Bulwark, and many, many others have wrapped up the Macharian Crusade campaign book. Within its 136 pages you will find a set of rules to allow you all to play games during the greatest Imperial Crusade in the last 10,000 years.

Here is the link to download the 14mb Adobe Acrobat file for the rule-set.

Download Here

Note: This book is specifically designed for 2-page book style printing and viewing. If you want to open it in Acrbat, please make sure you set your options to view 2-page spreads “2-up”, and “show cover page during 2-up”. I strongly recommend taking this down to a local printer and getting it printed out front and back and bound. You won’t be sorry.

Within you will find the history of the Macharian Crusade, rules for each of the Imperial Guard Army Groups and other major combatants, new doctrines, and wargear. A large set of new Named Characters offers something to every player and modeler out there. There are also time lines, and suggestions for using other codices in your games.

We have included a full color hobby section, a full campaign, a dozen Apocalypse formations, and several new units and Army Lists such as the Rogue Traders. Here are a few teaser pictures of battles, maps, and Independent Characters to whet your appetite.

Is it perfect or comprehensive? No, but I hope this serves as a starting point to get your creative juices flowing and give groups of Imperial Guard enthusiasts a mutual set of rules they can use to start modeling and playing games.


~Its been a long time coming guys. Enjoy, and by all means, leave comments.
UPDATE: v1.51 is out with lots of fixes. As always, thanks for helping us catch these things guys! I promise that will be the last version for a while.

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