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EVENT: Bargains at GW Bizarre Bazaar

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Nov 26 2008

The next Bizarre Bazaar customer flea market at Games Workshop stores across the U.S. will be on December 6 and 7. These flea markets are a great way for GW hobbyists to buy, sell and trade GW products amongst themselves.

Whether you are looking to sell off some unwanted product so you can buy new, trade some items for another, or seeking a rare collectible model from days of yore, Bizarre Bazaar is where you ought to be. You never know what items you might find in another hobbyist’s bargain bin. You might even find that rare out of print model you’ve always wanted.

Don’t hesitate, pack up those no longer wanted or used items and head off to your local GW store on the morning of December 6. And here’s a tip from experience, get there early to make sure you don’t miss the best bargains or if you’re selling, some of your best potential customers.

I’ve been able to subsidize my hobby nicely since GW started having these flea markets in 2007. I’ve sold a lot of older items I no longer used in order to pay for a lot of nice new models and game books. I’ve also made some great trades where no one spent any money, but everyone walked away happy with something they wanted. Some of the bargains I’ve seen at these events include an LotR Mumak for $25, Land Raiders new in box for $30, Eldar Wraithguard for $4 each and once I even saw a $1 for each metal model bin. I’ve also found the flea markets to be tremendous fun and I’ve met a lot of nice new people at previous Bizarre Bazaar events. If you’ve never been to Bizarre Bazaar before, I highly recommend it.

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