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DESIGN CHALLENGE: Boarding Action Edition

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Dec 15

Good day all and welcome to another edition of the BoLS Design challenge.

First off, some business from last week. Let all give it up for George Miller whose has swept to victory with his inspired Star Phantoms submission for the Badab War campaign. Congrats George!

Secondly, I’ve included this little sneak peek at the map from the upcoming Badab War book to let you all know that we are hard at work cranking this thing out.

Now onto the challenge! As you can tell from the map and background the Badab War involves a lot of boarding actions and fleet actions. We will be toning down the Apocalypse section of the book, and adding in Battle Fleet Gothic tie-ins (including “named character” ships for some of the famous vessels). As part of this, we need you’re input for the 40k side of this issue.

We want you all to think long and hard and kick out a set of ideas for a set of simple rules to represent space-borne boarding combat in 40k. Here are the groundrules:

1) The rules need to describe what assets are allowed and disallowed for these actions.
2) The rules need to be a set of simple modifications to the existing rules laid out section by section (Movement, Shooting, Assault, Missions ect…)
3) The rules need to “slot into” the existing 40k rules cleanly with little to no fuss. If they are super complex, they just wont be used, or cause more arguments than they solve.
4) The rules need to result in anxious nail biter games in the dark, dangerous, confined environments found within spaceships.
5) Last but not least, the entire ruleset needs to fit in no more than a single page worth of rules.

~The designer’s chair is yours my fellow BoLS readers. I said that we were going to open up the Badab War to all of us and I meant it. Have fun, post your ideas in the comments, and feel free to respond and improve upon each others ideas until we have come up with a good solid set of concepts. I will be chiming in from time to time. If any of you have access to Imperial Armor IV: Anphelion project, or have played Space Hulk, you may find some rules inspiration there.

On an unrelated note, can George Miller email us. I need to request some additional Star Phantoms info.


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