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40k HOBBY CHALLENGE: Badab APC Edition

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Feb 18 2009

Hi everybody,

Its been to long since we had a community hobby challenge. Times have changed since the last one of these back in the days of the Macharian Crusade, and BoLS is pleased to now offer PRIZE SUPPORT!

With the Badab War Campaign book coming up, and our recent completion of the Badab Logo sheet collection the time is right. So lets get right down to it readers. Your challenge is to submit to the BoLS emailbox 1-3 high-quality pictures of the following:

-Your choice of a Rhino or Razorback
-It must be painted in the colors and heraldry of one of the Badab War Chapters (see above picture)
-You must use the matching BoLS logo sheet from the Badab Logo Sheet archives for the chapter in question (or the GW ones for Salamanders).
-Weathering, fine detail work, stowed equipment, vehicle crew and the like are all acceptable to dress up your entry.
-Shoot the pictures against a well-lit white background (see the example Red-Scorpions Rhino).
-One or two sentences of fluff describing the vehicle, its squad, achievements, and fate during the Badab War (do a little bit of research, its fun!)
-Email the entries with the subject line “BADAB CHALLENGE” to the BoLS emailbox.

I will select the top entrys and put up a poll once the deadline has passed. The winner gets into the Badab book, and wins a brand new shrink-wrapped Land Raider, from your favorite Warhammer 40k Blog, mailed straight to your home. Tell your friends to come get in on the action.

~The Deadline is March 4th. Gentlemen, start your paintbrushes! Entries submitted may be used in the Badab War Campaign Book, and of course my nefarious plot to get folks starting new Badab War Space Marine chapters has nothing to do with this. This is your chance to really show off to your fellow BoLS readers, so lets see what you all can do.

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