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40K/FANTASY RUMORS: 2nd Wave Daemons

Mar 05

A quick one folks.

If you recall back towards the end of last year there was word of a 2nd wave of Daemons of Chaos headed our way.

It was said to include:
-Plastic Daemon Prince (pictured above)
-New Seekers of Slaanesh
-Plastic Plaguebearers
-Some of the missing Chaos Daemons Named Characters

While first reported as a Q2 2009 release, it looks like it had been pulled to make room for Planetstrike, said to be on way around July. There was no word on the Daemon 2nd wave’s fate, but we hear chatter that the delay may be minor and they could still be on the squedule for late 2009.

~Standard caveats apply folks. Which one of those listed minis would you be most excited about? Personally, I’d be first in line for Ku’gath,or Skarbrand, but Seekers could be really wicked if they were plastic. Also, what is your take on the Chaos Daemons codex/Army book now that they have been out for a while. Did they cause any “cross-pollination” between Fantasy and 40k in your neck of the woods? Do you see more folks playing them these days?

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