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40K HOBBY: On the Painting Table – IG Motorpool Updates

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Apr 20 2009

Ok everybody, here is my current dilemma.

These pics show my Imperial Guard motorpool. Yeah, I know, they’re bad, but I haven’t touched them in over 10 years. I’ve got a set of ancient (but still usable) vehicles I need to drag off the shelves and update. I just love updating old models, as its an easy way to put in a little bit of time and effort, and get great results, plus it refreshes you collection, and brings them into the here and now of the game. I have:

3 Chimeras
3 Leman Russes
1 Hellhound
1 Basilisk
1 Exterminator
1 Demolisher

More importantly I have about 8 Imperial Guard accessory sprues and lots of extra weapons that made their way to me during the whole Apocalypse rollout. So my goal is to tear down all the lame accessories, and poor weapon choices and put in modern bits and weapons that are effective on the tabletop. Finally these will get their decals stripped, and have the paintshemes updated, and improved to get them in line with my planned IG paintscheme (which will be green based).

I figure the first no-brainer is to hack off all the rough terrain modifications and storm bolters, then go from there.

~So what are your suggestions for where to start? (this will take both modeling and list-building skills). Also, what updating projects are you guys working on right now. I’d love to see pics.


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