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40K Project Log: Leviathan Part 2

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Nov 5 2009

The Leviathan has progressed nicely since the last update. The road wheels have been added and armored up. The main cannon has also been placed on the front. It’s starting to look like a real Leviathan now.

A big thanks to BigRed for providing the tracks. Apparently, engineers in the 40th millennia take their queues from my 20th century German design. Also, a big thanks to Goatboy for the generous donation of 8 lascannons. I’m still 4 short of the total needed, but I should be able to beg, borrow, or steal those 😉

The doomsday cannon was a simple build. A quick trip to Home Depot’s plumbing section netted me 2 PVC adaptor pieces that I was able to glue together for a convincing looking gun. And for the whopping price of 2 dollars (GW should take note).

I’ve started working on the top section. It’s kind of like putting together a 3d jigsaw puzzle where you have to make each piece by hand. Progress is slow, but I think it will look good once it is done.


After reading the comments from the last update, I have decided to put the battle cannon on a turret on top of the structure. You all were right, it does look better up there. I’ve also added a door to the rear deck.

The next step is to start designing the rear hatch. The back of the Leviathan is about 1.5″ off the ground, so some sort of ramp will be needed. Unfortunately, there isn’t much flat area on the rear to place a ramp. I’m thinking about a 2 part design. Flush to the back I will have a flap that opens upwards. And, underneath, I will have a ramp that lowers down. The other option is to just stick a door on there with a ladder, but that won’t look as cool.

Anyways, I hope to have some more pictures in a week for you to critique.


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