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40K: For the Emperor- Imperial Guard Greatcoat Conversions

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Jan 10 2010

Here are some Imperial Guard Greatcoat / Traitor Guard conversions that are easy to convert and will really make your foot troops stand out.

You can have some real fun with these models because a lot of the parts are 100% interchangeable, and even if you don’t use certain parts on your stock troopers, the extra trimmings can make command sections and sergeants really stand out.

Here is a roll call picture of my first renegade squad. As you can see the models are an amalgam of bits from both 40k and fantasy.  Some of the bits I used in here are Bretonnian Men at Arm Torsos, Catachan Legs (command and the troop box), Cadian Troopers, Grave Guard legs and pads, Storm Vermin torsos and Forgeworld Chaos Renegade weapon arms.
The most important thing to remember with a project like this is to start with an idea, but be flexible enough to switch it up a bit overall. Be open if something else comes along and looks good as well.

So put on your thinking cap and get converting!

The Emperor needs you!

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