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Slitherqueen- Waterbugz Converted Hive Tyrant

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Mar 25 2010

Hey everyone. I’m back with what I think is my best Tyranid conversion to date; The Slitherqueen.  This baddie will be the leader of my Waterbugz as they decimate the Ultramar sector, or at least central Virginia lol.  Well as you can see I used the same theme as my Slitherfexes, but added some armor plating on the front.

So I started the model out the same as my other ‘fexes, okay actually I stole the lower torso from one- cause lets face it I don’t need to run six Carnifexes anymore. Then I added the Hive Tyrant torso, and some extra spikey plates in the back.

She’s armed with twin Devourers (or I guess now they are Brainleech worms?), Bonesword and Lash Whip.  When I was dry-fitting everything together I didn’t really like the pose of the Lash Whip bit that comes with the Tryant, so I had to come up with something better suited to what I wanted.

I ended up using another Devourer bit, and a Venomthrope whip I had left over from making the Slitherguard- hey that model comes with four Lash Whips, might as well get my monies’ worth!  Then I puttied up the gap, and viola insta-whip! Now I just need to find a fast way to make boneswords, lol.

Okay so here’s a better look at my new pet, from both sides.

So what do you think about The Slitherqueen? I suppose I’ll have to work on a Swarmlord next…


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